Spring 2017 Book Reviews

Here are some books to read for inspiration on a rainy spring afternoon.

Evolution of an Image
FOCUS In Photography
in camera
Complete Photography


Evolution of An Image
by Rick Sammon

Rick Sammon's Evolution of an Image illustrates the creative photographic process from start to finish. In this book, Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon pulls back the curtain to prove that creating amazing photographs is a well-thought-out process that involves several stages. Comprising 50 case studies that examine photographs taken by Rick around the world in a wide variety of shooting situations, Evolution of an Image shows the power of creative thinking, getting it right in the camera, and the careful use of image processing using Lightroom. By including his outtakes -- and the reasons that he considers them outtakes -- Rick suggests the steps that every photographer should take in order to improve their images. Combining technical advice with tips on lighting, composition and using Lightroom, this book will motivate and encourage those looking to evolve as creative photographers and digital darkroom artists. Key features include: More than 200 before-and-after photographs. Fully illustrated sections on wildlife, seascape, landscape, scenic, action and people photography. Screen grabs showing Rick's Lightroom adjustments. Suggestions on working in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as well as Adobe Photoshop. Special section on Rick's quick tips on getting the best in-camera image possible.

This soft cover book is about 9x11 inches, with 268 pages, retails for US-$36.95 – and is distributed by Focal Press, at: www.focalpress.com

Also available through half.com

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Focus In Photography
by John Neel

In this book, the first serious treatment of the topic in the digital age, John Neel shows how a mastery of your lens will greatly enhance the quality and 'wow' factor of your photographs. Never losing sight of what real-life photographers need to know, Focus in Photography will let you master bokeh and other focus techniques, giving you a complete understanding of optics-and what actually happens to light within the camera in your hand. Richly illustrated with John's own amazing images, and drawing on his well-known authority in the field, it will be a valuable asset to students of photography, enthusiasts looking to refine their art, product photographers and commercial shooters alike., Focus is an often overlooked but powerful creative tool for photographers, made all the more powerful and accessible in the digital era. In his latest book John Neel takes you into an exploration of advanced focus that will greatly enhance your skill as a photographer. These pages will show you everything, from high-end techniques to create infinite focus, through to using it as an artistic tool, directing your viewer's eye around your photographic composition. Undoubtedly the most in-depth coverage of this fundamental aspect of photography. Focus is an often overlooked but powerful creative tool, and digital photography has made the artistic use of focus accessible to every photographer.

This soft cover book is about 9x10 inches, with 176 pages, with over 400 photos, and retails for US-$24.99 – and is published by Hachette Book Group in the US. Check out their books at;www.ilex.press/

Also available through half.com

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In Camera
by Gordon Laing

With amazing low-light capabilities, incredible definition, intelligent autofocus and a host of other features, digital cameras have now become so powerful that they have left their users behind. Most photographers can take competent shots in a range of conditions, or fix imperfect exposures in Photoshop or Lightroom, but very few have the skill to push their cameras to the limit and capture the perfect shot, under all conditions, with no post-processing required. In Camera is the perfect way to take your photography to that level; to master your camera, understand light, exposure and composition, and make amazing photographs, whatever your camera, without cheating after the event. One hundred of Gordon's beautiful photos are given his own expert commentary; full settings and camera details are included, and a host of tips and tricks let photographers of any level learn something from every example. The shots are taken with a wide range of cameras, and the emphasis is on getting results by improving your own skills, not on from buying expensive equipment.

This hard cover book is about 8x10 inches, with 206 pages, andretails for US-$24.99 – and is published by Hachette Book Group in the US. Check out their books at; www.ilex.press/

Also available through half.com

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Complete Photography
by Chris Gatcum

This is the book for everyone who wants to take great photos but doesn't know where to begin. This fresh, accessible guide to photography covers everything from types of camera and photographic techniques to digital processing. With it, you'll learn how to compose a shot for visual impact, focus it to attract the viewer's eye, and expose it so every detail is captured. In short, you'll become a photographer Entirely focused on improving your pictures, Complete Photography is packed with the work of inspirational professionals and the expertise of Chris Gatum, one of the world's best-selling photographer-authors. Over 500 images and illustrations include not only inspiring aspirational pictures, but images that aren't ideal (and why), helping the reader to improve fast. With clear explanations in everyday language, and carefully selected examples and masterclasses to illustrate every point, Gatcum brings a fantastic photography within everyone's grasp. There's even a section on creating a retro-style film darkroom at home, for those enthusiasts keen to explore the world of film photography too.

This soft cover book is about 8x10 inches, with 400 pages, with over 400 photos, and retails for US-$24.99 – and is published by Hachette Book Group in the US. Check out their books at;www.ilex.press/

Also available through half.com

by Paul W. Faust

All photo illustrations included with my articles are my original work. My travel photographs, and many of my other original photographs, are available as signed or unsigned fine art prints through my web site at http://www.Impressions-of-Light.com/order-page-2. Framed prints can be obtained through my Fine Art America gallery at https://ww.paul-w-faust.pixels.com/.

Photographs included with my book and product reviews are provided by the book publisher or product manufacturer.

Paul W. Faust is a self-taught Fine Art Photographer, Writer, and Photo Stock Service professional.

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