Shantipur - In The Land Of Looms

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Interesting post. A few quick comments. Love the fact that you found a unique story. These are hard to come by these daysa nd you did it. I also like the photographic composition in the images you use.Creative angles and good use of lines not POV.

On the other hand. The story lacked any emotion. It was filled with facts. I wasn't pulled in. Maybe next time highlight one worker and tell his story. Personify all the workers of Shantiput in him. Find a plot arc that will keep the reader and viewer's interest. If the trade is fading away then show us how this is the case. If you did I missed it. By-the-way, Shantiput literally translate "City of Peace" would be nice to play off that in some way. Your photos could uses some level adjustment to give them some more blacks/contrast.

Don't get me wrong, this has the makings of a really interesting and sellable story.  I think with these adjustments, you could sell it to Asian Geographic, Jet Airways or other regional magazines. Well done.

Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot. A real constructive criticism for me and also a good guideline. I shall definitely keep your words in my mind from the next time. Yes, I would like to sell the stories also and for that this guideline will be helpful.

Though the literal meaning of Shatipur is 'the place with Peace', but there is no historical evdience why this place was named like this. But of course, situated almost the geographical border of West Bengal, the place and its villages itself are very calm and quiet and peaceful.

Again thanks for your valuable notes.

Matt - great to see you dropping by and chiming in on this. Good advice too for all of us who desire to capture the story in a way that connects with the reader. Telling the story of a place through the life of one individual or group can help us put ourselves there.