Photographing the World

Photographing The World
A guide to photographing 201 of the most beautiful places on Earth
by Tom Till

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I have been reviewing Tom Till’s books for a number of years and every one of them are as good as they get, but this new book could be considered a collection of them all. Every page has one or more great images of each location that Tom has covered across the globe, included with each location a good size tale about the place, what to look for, what to look out for in the way of any problems, and tips for each. Tom covers locations in this book that I have never even heard of in my many years of dealing with travel books and photography. I have seen many images of those locations that I do know about, but none of them shown the way Tom has a talent for shooting them.

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I almost never include in my reviews images from inside the books, but like now, there are at times exceptions like with this shot of the cliffside Italian village of Manarola. Tom’s images make you want to go there and never leave. You will see why he has had over 250,000 of his images published since 1977.

Tom has photographed in every state in the union as well as almost sixty foreign countries. Photographing the Worldhas ten sections including Africa, The Middle East, Asia, Australia, Oceania, Europe, North America, CentralAmerica & the Caribbean, South America, and the Antarctic. Each location has the info needed for that place, and more. By that I mean that Tom even includes the direction these places face for the best shots under the best lighting. NO other travel book I have ever seen, let alone reviewed, has ever given that information, which is actually the most important thing of all, when to get there for the best light.  The book also includes a front section with all of the general things you need to know to travel the world and just hope to get as good an image as you will see in here. Any photographer who plans to travel anywhere in the world should get this book FIRST!

The soft cover book is 6x9 inches, with 335 pages. Best of all it retails for just US-$27.95  The book can be ordered from I Rate it;  A+++

by Paul W. Faust

All photo illustrations included with my articles are my original work. My travel photographs, and many of my other original photographs, are available as signed or unsigned fine art prints through my web site at Framed prints can be obtained through my Fine Art America gallery at

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