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Peak Design - Capture Camera Clip, Pro Pad, and Slide Lite Strap

Peak Design - Capture Camera Clip, Pro Pad, and Slide Lite Strap

Capture Camera Clip
Capture Camera Clip
Capture Camera Clip and Pad Pro
Capture Camera Clip and Pad Pro

My mail just brought me a very nice surprise yesterday in the form of the best camera carrying device I have ever seen. The “Capture Camera Clip“ from Peak Design is a small, but heavy duty little beauty that will actually fit in a watch pocket yet carry a full size digital camera with a long (300mm easy) lens. The solid metal clip swings open to slide onto the Pro Pad, or just right onto your pants belt,(the part I love best about it). Swing it back closed and it's ready to go. When used on the Pro Pad, the pad gives you some added comfort when a camera is bouncing on your hip. The way the pad is designed there is no worry about the clip falling off. The pad also fits onto any shoulder or backpack strap, so you can use it just about any way, any where. Even when the clip is on the pad and ready to use it is still a very nice compact little tool that even then will fit in a shirt pocket. The clip has a pin that not only releases the mount but also twists to lock the mount onto the clip so no chance of the camera falling off that way either. Another great point is that if you buy a second mount you can be using two cameras, with one hanging on the clip as you shoot with the other one. I have used and reviewed more than a few camera carrying clips over the years, some of them 4 times heavier and larger, but none as good as this one. This little beauty will be going with me every time I go out shooting from now on!

Slide Lite Strap
Slide Lite Strap

A second item I received from Peak Design is their “Slide Lite” strap for mirrorless and smaller size cameras. This is also a winner. It is very light but also very strong Nylon, and as soft and smooth as silk. It is designed to use around the neck, over the shoulder, or across the chest and the adjustment clip allows for easy and very fast changing of its length. I like that because you can cinch it up for more secure close to the body carrying, and quickly let out the length to remove it over your head. This model adjusts from 37 to 57 inches. Peak Design also has a “Slide” strap for larger DSLR cameras with all of the same great features as the “Lite” but heavier construction. 

MSRP for these items are,

Capture camera clip: $70
Slide camera strap: $65
Slide Lite camera strap: $50

You can order them at,

by Paul W. Faust

All photo illustrations included with my articles are my original work. My travel photographs, and many of my other original photographs, are available as signed or unsigned fine art prints through my web site at Framed prints can be obtained through my Fine Art America gallery at

Photographs included with my book and product reviews are provided by the book publisher or product manufacturer.

Paul W. Faust is a self-taught Fine Art Photographer, Writer, and Photo Stock Service professional.

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