Beautiful Whale

Beautiful Whale
by Bryant Austin
foreward by Sylvia Earle

“Beautiful Whale” I would say is about the best book, with the most beautiful and amazing images, that I have ever reviewed. The book covers three types of whales, the Humpback, the Sperm, and the Minke whale in the three parts of the world that they frequent and live. Each whale section includes how those images were taken and the amazing eye-to-eye stories that went with them. A book that is 15 inches wide to begin with becomes a jaw dropper when you come to the images that cover a full two-page spread. Even at arms length you still have to move your head side to side to view the whole shot, and then when that image is just a portion of the whales head you will understand why I find this book so amazing. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, you come to the couple of three page wide fold outs, and then in the center of the book you find a double fold out (four pages 60” wide) of a full length view of a Minke Whale. Then there are also the large images of mother whales and their young. Beautiful Whale is a photo masterpiece that will make you the best gift-giver ever.

This hardback book is about 12x15 inches, with 125 pages, and retails for US-$50.00 and if a local bookstore does not have a copy you can order it from the web site at: I Rate it:  AAA+ (my highest rating ever)

Beautiful Whale

by Paul W. Faust

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