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I'm a wife a mother and a nature and wildlife photographer when I'm not working my full time job. My husband and I own a business that keeps us busy. I have always had a love for photography since I was a teenager. My grandpa was a photographer on the side. In 2007 is when I got serious about it and then opened my own coop gallery in my town in December of 2010. Photography It is what I LOVE to do and hope to do it full time when I retirer in life. I love sharing what I see and selling my work to put a smile on someones face and in there heart!

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Angullia - Travel & Outdoor Tue Apr 24, '12 09:56PM
Santorini Greece Travel & Outdoor Sat Dec 03, '11 08:02PM
Windpoint Lighthouse in Racine, WI Travel & Outdoor Sun Nov 13, '11 09:50PM
Mt. Princeton in CO. Travel & Outdoor Sun Nov 13, '11 09:39PM
Camp Lake, Wisconsin Travel & Outdoor Mon Oct 24, '11 09:23PM

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