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Tuesday, November 01 2011 @ 09:08 PM EDT

Challenge Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all Weekly Challenges.

  • There will be a separate album for each challenge theme in the Weekly Challenges album.
  • All submissions for a given theme must be posted in the respective theme's album.
  • You may submit any number of images per theme, but are limited to one post per day in the Weekly Challenge.
  • Each theme will be open for submission for only one week, from Sunday to Saturday, and locked thereafter.
  • Any special guidelines associated with a given theme will be posted with the theme definition and must be adhered to.
  • Your submissions may come from images you have on file or images taken specifically for the theme.
  • New images photographed specifically in response to a particular challenge theme are encouraged.
  • Commentary on equipment and technique used to capture and post process is strongly encouraged.
  • One image from each theme will be chosen as a weekly Editor's Pick and watermarked with a gold ribbon.
  • These challenges are not meant to be contests. They are meant to be a source of fun, inspiration, and education only.
  • The Editor's Pick selected each week by the site staff is final and will not be debated.
  • The theme album will be locked at the end of the submission period, but members may continue to comment on the photographs submitted.
  • Normal TPN posting guidelines apply except where otherwise stated.

If you have any suggestions for additional themes, or if you have a strong desire to see any of the above themes run earlier or later in the process, send a note to [email protected].

Weekly Challenge

To submit your photographs into a Weekly Challenge simply upload one photograph per day to the specific theme's album using the Add Media selection from the Options menu within the album. While this is not meant to be a contest, bragging rights are available for anyone who's image is chosen as an Editor's Pick!

Cover Challenge

TPN may periodically hold a special challenge that runs in parallel with the regular weekly Travel Challenge. The winner of this challenge will have their image grace the following month's TPN cover page.

Challenge Themes

Themes for 2011

TC #265:  [20 NOV - 26 NOV] A Place Called Home  Home, it can be more than bricks and mortar... or less.  Homes of the world, or the place you call home.

TC #264:  [13 NOV - 19 NOV] The Industrial Landscape  Photographs of industrial sites, towns, work-places... anything industrial.

TC #263:  [6 NOV - 12 NOV] Down the Quayside  Pictures from around the docks of the world.

TC #262:  [30 OCT - 5 NOV] Fire!  Remember, Remember, the 5th of November (for those of us from the UK!)

TC #261:  [23 OCT - 29 OCT] Stormy Skies  The northern hemisphere is well into Autumn, a season of dark and threatening skies!

TC #260:  [16 OCT - 22 OCT] Golden  It's all about the colour GOLD!

TC #259:  [9 OCT - 15 OCT] Faceless Portraits  Portriats that tell a story without including the face.  

TC #258: [2 OCT - 8 OCT] Interiors  Shots from inside buildings - iconic or otherwise.

TC #257: [25 SEP - 1 OCT] Extreme Environments  Take it to the end of the World!


Archived Themes 

TC #256: [18 SEP - 24 SEP] Ships, Boats and other Watercraft  Another nautical theme for September!

TC #255: [11 SEP - 17 SEP] Life in Miniature Macro time... or something more imaginative!

TC #254: [4 SEP - 10 SEP] Forests  Into the Trees

TC #253: [28 AUG - 3 SEP]  The Ocean Seascapes, coastal scenes... anything.  

TC #252: [21 AUG - 27 AUG] Summer Breeze  As summer starts to ebb towards it's conclusion, a photograph that says "Summer Breeze".

TC #251: [14 AUG - 20 AUG] Visions of the Future  The obvious follow up, a photograph that gives us a glimpse of the future!

TC #250: [7 AUG - 13 AUG] Visions of the Past  Depict the past in a contemporary photograph!

TC #249: [31 JUL - 6 AUG] Trains and Railways  Anything related to the railways of the World.

TC #248: [24 JUL - 30 JUL] Colour/Color  The obvious followup to monochrome, this week shoot the most vibrant scenes you can find!

TC #247: [17 JUL - 23 JUL] Shooting Mono  Going oldschool, shoot anything you like, but keep it monochrome!

TC #246: [10 JUL - 16 JUL] Cities and Towns  A photograph from the commercial hub of your chosen town.

TC #245: [3 JUL - 9 JUL] Animals  It's time to turn our attention to the animal kingdom this week.  Domestic or Wild.

TC #244: [27 JUN - 2 JUL] Life's a Beach  Photographs from the beach this week, to celebrate summer!

TC #243: [19 JUN - 26 JUN] The Longest Day  Sum up midsummer, the longest day is on the 21st June... sunsets, sunrises, glorious sunshine, lazy days - what does it mean to you?

TC #242: [12 JUN - 18 JUN] Outdoor Adventure People enjoying the great outdoors, walkers/hikers, climbers, cyclists - anything you can think of!

TC #241: [5 JUN -  11 JUN] Rivers and Streams Flowing water, be they raging torrents of lazy meandering rivers.

TC #240: [29 MAY - 4 JUN] Blooms Flowers, blossoms... scenes containing flowering plants or close up macros.

TC #239: [22 MAY - 28 MAY] Religious Architecture Photographs of the architecture of any world religion

TC #237: [15 MAY - 21 MAY] Hill Country A photograph that sums up "hill country". Mountains, Hills, Valley's - a celebration of the worlds upland regions.

TC #236: [8 MAY - 14 MAY] Bike Week! The second week in May is International Bicycle Week, so photographs of cycles, cycling or anything tenuously linked to bikes!

TC #235: [1 MAY - 7 MAY] Fertility May is named from the Greek Goddess Maia, the Goddess of Fertility, so photographs this week should celebrate new life.

TC #234: [24 APR - 30 APR] Scale - photographs showing a sense of scale... or distorting it!

TC #233: [17 APR - 23 APR] Battlefields - photographs of battlefields around the world from any period in history to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the start of the American Civil War!

TC #232: [10 APR - 16 APR] Five Minutes - 5 Minutes from Home:  Walk out your door, what is there within a 5 minute walk?  Time to get creative with the familiar!

TC #231: [03 APR - 09 APR] Buddhism - It's Buddah's traditional birthday this week, so photographs of or relating to the Buddhist Faith!

TC #230: [20 MAR - 02 APR] Telephoto Portraits – Portraits taken at 200mm focal length or longer.

TC #229: [06 MAR - 19 MAR] Magic Hour Magic Hour

TC #228: [12 JUL - 18 JUL] Gestures (Tricia Kennedy)

TC #227: [05 JUL - 11 JUL] Harbour Lights (Tricia Kennedy)

TC #226: [28 JUN - 04 JUL] Urban Landscapes (Tricia Kennedy)

TC #225: [13 JUN - 19 JUN] Blue: The primary color or subject shall be blue.

TC #224: [07 JUN - 13 JUN] Green: The primary color or subject shall be green.

TC #223: [31 MAY - 06 JUN] Red: The primary color or subject shall be red.

TC #222: [24 MAY - 30 MAY] Sculptures, Statues & Monuments: You see them when you travel. Share what you've seen.

TC #221: [17 MAY - 23 MAY] Relationships: Portray a relationship between two or more living subjects.

TC #220: [10 MAY - 16 MAY] The Paths We Take: Any kind of walk or way by which people travel from one place to another.

TC #219: [03 MAY - 09 MAY] All Lined Up: An alignment of some sort between subjects.

TC #218: [26 APR - 02 MAY] Dwellings: Photographs of places where people live or have lived.

TC #217: [19 APR - 25 APR] Flower Power: Spring is in the air in the northern hemisphere. Let's see those colors!

TC #216: [12 APR - 18 APR] Fill Up the Frame: Photographs where the subject fills the frame and there is no visible background.

TC #215: [05 APR - 11 APR] Life in the City: Photographs that depict urban life or are associated with city living.

TC #214: [29 MAR - 04 APR] Bridges: Bridge architecture has many forms with varying lines, texture, settings, heights, lengths.

TC #213: [22 MAR - 28 MAR] Pedestrians: Pedestrians or subjects suggestive of pedestrian activity.

TC #212: [15 MAR - 21 MAR] Doors, Windows and Locks: This should be self explanatory.

TC #211: [01 MAR - 07 MAR] A Different Perspective (Shannon Petrosky): Everyday items from a different perspective (for example a shopping cart from below).

TC #210: [22 FEB - 28 FEB] White (Sarah Clarehart): White as the predominant color.. not necessarily B&W.. but where the majority of the photo is white.

TC #209: [15 FEB - 21 FEB] Black (Sarah Clarehart): Black as the predominant color.. not necessarily B&W.. but where the majority of the photo is black.

TC #208: [08 FEB - 14 FEB] Humor (Sarah Clarehart): Give us your funniest shot! And be nice.

TC #207: [01 FEB - 07 FEB] Shadows (Sarah Clarehart): Where the shadow tells the story of the picture.

TC #206: [25 JAN - 31 JAN] Ancient (Troy Feener): The oldest thing you can take a picture of...the older the better.

TC #205: [18 JAN - 24 JAN] Trees (Troy Feener): Give us your best tree(s).

TC #204: [11 JAN - 17 JAN] Colored B&W (Troy Feener): An item in the shot is coloured while the rest is B&W.

TC #203: [04 JAN - 10 JAN] Backwards (Phil Winks): Pictures of in reverse - reflections or reflected images.

TC #202: [28 DEC - 03 JAN] Askew (Hank Pennington): Angled images where the horizontal or vertical anchor isn't so.

TC #201: [21 DEC - 27 DEC] Formal Gardens: Pictures of formal gardens from parks, estates, mansions, public officies, nurseries, etc.

TC #200: [14 DEC - 20 DEC] Things in Rows : Subjects aligned in rows - bottles in a window, objects on a shelf, pretty row houses, car bumpers reflecting the sky, shot or beer or martini glasses, etc.

TC #199: [07 DEC - 13 DEC] Beside The Sea: This can be seaside towns, houses, cliffs, campfires, parties, clam bakes, harbors, etc.

TC #198: [30 NOV - 06 DEC] Thanksgiving: Many countries have a holiday for giving thanks. Post pictures that portray giving thanks.

TC #197: [23 NOV - 29 NOV] Outdoor Portraits: Fall is a spectacular time for outdoor portraits. Show us what you've taken.

TC #196: [16 NOV - 22 NOV] Bridges: Bridge architecture has many forms with varying lines, texture, settings, heights, lengths.

TC #195: [09 NOV - 15 NOV] Sky's the Limit: Your best sky shots.

TC #194: [02 NOV - 08 NOV] Special Effects: Cross-processing.

TC #193: [26 OCT - 01 NOV] Halloween: Anything that captures the spirit of Halloween. Haunted houses, people dressed in spooky costumes, kids trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, jack-o-lanterns all aglow.

TC #192: [19 OCT - 25 OCT] Tension: Visual i.e. compositional seen in lines, colours and other formal building blocks used to make an image ,(not family fights!).

TC #191: [12 OCT - 18 OCT] Fall Harvest: Keep the fall theme going - photos of fall harvest from the local area or places you've been!

TC #190: [05 OCT - 11 OCT] Autumn Gold : Fall is here in the northern hemisphere. Let's show some gold!

TC #189: [28 SEP - 04 OCT] Long Exposures: Images using long exposure times.

TC #188: [21 SEP - 27 SEP] On the edge of light: Strong shadows with a bit of light.

TC #187: [14 SEP - 20 SEP] What I did on my Summer Vacation: Photos from your summer vacations and travels.

TC #186: [07 SEP - 13 SEP] Color - Red : Photos where the primary color is red - barns, boats, doors, window planters, etc, etc.

TC #185: [31 AUG - 06 SEP] The Boardwalk : This is pretty self explanatory.

TC #184: [24 AUG - 30 AUG] Textures : Photos featuring the texture of a place.

TC #183: [17 AUG - 23 AUG] Looking Up - Looking Down : Photos taken from a low or high view point.

TC #182: [10 AUG - 16 AUG] Sacred Places : Shots focusing on places sacred to a culture or religion.

TC #181: [03 AUG - 09 AUG] All in the Details: Shots focusing on the little things that lend character to cultures.

TC #180: [27 JUL - 02 AUG] Sand / Sand castles: Shots focusing on sand sculpture, natural or man made.

TC #179: [20 JUL - 26 JUL] Food and Drink: Travel shots focusing on the regional food and drink.

TC #178: [13 JUL - 19 JUL] Lighthouses (for Toni): Lighthouses, used worldwide to warn ships of danger, are majestic and beautiful.

TC #177: [06 JUL - 12 JUL] National Celebrations: Canada Day, 4th of July, or your country's national celebration images. Fireworks, parades, picnics, etc.

TC #176: [29 JUN - 05 JUL] Square Crops: Images cropped to square aspect ratio.

TC #175: [22 JUN - 28 JUN] Pedestrians: People walking to wherever or doing whatever.

TC #174: [15 JUN - 21 JUN] People and their Pets: Inside, outside, portraits, playing - just capture the bond.

TC #173: [08 JUN - 14 JUN] The Market: Capture images of markets, buyers and sellers - can be food markets, flea markets, etc.

TC #172: [01 JUN - 07 JUN] Sandwiches and Layers: Show lots of layers, or subjects sandwiched between other elements.

TC #171: [25 MAY - 31 MAY] Motion: Depict motion either directly or indirectly.

TC #170: [18 MAY - 24 MAY] In Transit: Capture images of people in transit from one place to another.

TC #169: [11 MAY - 17 MAY] Calendar Shots: Imagine you are shooting images for a calendar company.

TC #168: [04 MAY - 10 MAY] Bridges (Bob Miller): Use your imagination, they need not be the stone and steel type.

TC #167: [27 APR - 03 MAY] Snow (Toni Lankerd): Snow is the primary theme of the photograph.

TC #166: [20 APR - 26 APR] Music To My Ears (Tricia Kennedy): Music is the primary theme of the photograph.

TC #165: [13 APR - 19 APR] Water, Water, Everywhere (Tricia Kennedy): Water is the primary theme of the photograph.

TC #164: [06 APR - 12 APR] Rock On (Tricia Kennedy): Eye catching rock formations.

TC #163: [30 MAR - 05 APR] Early Morning (Tricia Kennedy): No explanation required.

TC #162: [23 MAR - 29 MAR] Simple Life (Ian Lawrence): Away from the fast and modern rat race.

TC #161: [16 MAR - 22 MAR] Urban Decay (Ian Lawrence): Once proud buildings, now crumbling and derelict.

TC #160: [09 MAR - 15 MAR] Suggestion (Ian Lawrence): You can't actually see the main subject, but you know it is there.

TC #159: [02 MAR - 08 MAR] Glint (Ian Lawrence): The light/sun reflecting off a surface makes the shot.

TC #158: [24 FEB - 01 MAR] In Your Face: This week we expect you to really get in your face with a subject. Whoever the subject is, their face should more than fill the frame of the image. No backgrounds allowed!

TC #157: [17 FEB - 23 FEB] The Accidental Photographer: Every once in a while, we shoot an image by accident or dumb luck, and it turns out to be the best image of the day. Show us your best accidental image!

TC #156: [10 FEB - 16 FEB] Introduce the unexpected: You remember those word games where you had to pick out the word that didn't belong? Well this week's posts should depict a scene where the image contains an unexpected element.

TC #155: [03 FEB - 09 FEB] Polarizer: You've read Kah Kit's first article on filters, now go out and use your polarizer in a way you haven't tried before, and show us the results. After all, they're not just for sunny days in the big sky country!

TC #154: [27 JAN - 02 FEB] Panoramic: Wide and short or tall and skinny, the dimensions of the image should be at least 3:1 to qualify as a panoramic this week. For this challenge, images can be up to 720 pixels on the longest side!

TC #153: [20 JAN - 26 JAN] Yellow: The primary colour of the image, or the eye-catching subject of the image should be yellow.

TC #152: [13 JAN - 19 JAN] "Welcome to...": Here's a chance to show us your most cliche'd travel images. If you have the family standing in front of a "Welcome to Disney World" or equivalent kitsch travel image, post it here.

TC #151: [06 JAN - 12 JAN] Telephoto: There's a theory that we take our best images at our longest and shortest lens; focal lengths. Show us images taken when you've maxed out your telephoto lens!

TC #150: [30 DEC - 05 JAN] Holiday Greetings: Did you make your own holiday greetings notice or card? Post it here.

TC #149: [23 DEC - 29 DEC] Window Scenes: Photographs of scenes observed by look in or out a window - storefront displays, a pub or restaurant, sidewalk or neighborhood scenes.

TC #148: [16 DEC - 22 DEC] Family / Relations: Capture that moment between kids and parents (or grandparents). Capture an emotional bond between siblings or couples - be it happy, humorous, serious, loving, consoling, etc.

TC #147: [09 DEC - 15 DEC] People On The Move: With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season in full swing, people are traveling a lot. Show you best "people on the move" image from the airport, train station, highway rest area, toll plaza, etc.

TC #146: [02 DEC - 08 DEC] The Harvest: Any image depicting the harvest season. fields of corn, pumpkins, etc., or harvesters in action (people harvesting by hand, or machine harvesting).

TC #145: [25 NOV - 01 DEC] Low Light / No Light: Images using low light or no light to illuminate the scene.

TC #144: [18 NOV - 24 NOV] Camera Phone: Post pictures you have taken with your camera phone.

TC #143: [11 NOV - 17 NOV] Heavy Loads: Images depicting heavy loads, however they are carried or supported.

TC #142: [04 NOV - 10 NOV] Nature's Signs: Nature presents signs of all kinds - signs of the season, signs of change, etc.

TC #141: [28 OCT - 03 NOV] Man Made Signs: Any sign will do - street signs, business signs, pub signs, neon signs, billboards, etc.

TC #140: [21 OCT - 27 OCT] Sand: There is sand all over the earth - landlocked and at the water's edge.

TC #139: [14 OCT - 20 OCT] Eyesore: Does something really stand out for all the wrong reasons? Take a picture.

TC #138: [07 OCT - 13 OCT] Old & New: Show old and new in the same frame. No photoshop merges!

TC #137: [30 SEP - 06 OCT] Barren: Depict desolate or barren. Use your imagination.

TC #136: [23 SEP - 29 SEP] Golden: Autumn presents is with an amazing, warm palette of golden colors. Show us your gold!

TC #135: [16 SEP - 22 SEP] Fishermen: Fishing/fishermen type shots.

TC #134: [09 SEP - 15 SEP] Festivals: People in costume during a themed festival.

TC #133: [02 SEP - 08 SEP] Oddly Shaped Buildings: No explanation needed. Show 'em if you got 'em.

TC #132: [26 AUG - 01 SEP] Out The Window: Capture images take out of the window while traveling - train window, airplane window, hotel window, etc.

TC #131: [19 AUG - 25 AUG] Sand Art: Summer is the season of numerous sand art competitions. Capture the creative process or finished product.

TC #130: [12 AUG - 18 AUG] Gardens: You own or on the road. Folks put a lot of work and pride into their gardens, and along the way tell lots about themselves and their world.

TC #129: [05 AUG - 11 AUG] Alternative Lifestyles: I think this is self explanatory. Depict lifestyles that fall outside "the norm".

TC #128: [29 JUL - 04 AUG] What Not To Wear: Summer brings out the best (and worst) in fashion. Let's see the those bad tastes.

TC #127: [22 JUL - 28 JUL] Silhouettes or Shadows: Capture silhouettes or shadows. The subject can be an object or person/people.

TC #126: [23 JUN - 29 JUN] Beyond the Barriers - Whether it's a fence, gate, door, or just a warning sign, images should show a barrier to entry

TC #125: [16 JUN - 22 JUN] 28mm or less - Show us those wonderful wide-angle shots

TC #124: [9 JUN - 15 JUN] Creating Movement - Images should give the impression of movement either by the subject or by the photographer

TC #123: [2 JUN - 8 JUN] Animals - Be it shot in a safari or a zoo, show us an image of your favourite non-domesticated animal

TC #122: [26 MAY - 1 JUN] Capturing Traditions - Images should depict people demonstrating traditional values or involved in traditional activities

TC #121: [19 MAY - 25 MAY] Breaking the Rules - We all know the 'rules' of good photography. (For example: Rule of 3rds; subject moving into the frame; don't crop through an arm; etc.) Show us your best images where you simply broke the rules to create something wonderful!

TC #120: [5 MAY - 11 MAY] Numbers - A challenge you can count on!

TC #119: [21 APR - 27 APR] At Play - These images depict people at play - games, playgrounds, etc.

TC #118: [14 APR - 20 APR] Fog - These incorporate fog as a design element or use it as the central theme.

TC #117: [07 APR - 13 APR] Collections - The central subject of these images will be multiple objects - not an individual subject.

TC #116: [01 APR - 06 APR] Symmetry - These images depict a symmetric balance about a central subject.

TC #115: [25 MAR - 31 MAR] Wood - The central subject must be wooden, either objects made from wood or wood itself (dead or alive)

TC #114: [18 MAR - 24 MAR] Bridges - The subject says it all. It can be large scale, small scale, for driving or for walking. It can even be in a model (like model train bridges).

TC #113: [11 MAR - 17 MAR] Ruins - Images showing the remnants of a former structure of any kind - castles, abbeys, homes, industrial buildings, cities, barns, etc.

TC #112: [04 MAR - 10 MAR] Food - You have to eat when you travel! It can be formally presented like a plating at a fine restaurant, the daily special at your favorite local diner, or primitive like that of a Renaissance fair. It can also be food preparation like work in the kitchen, outdoor grilling, open fire cooking, etc.

TC #111: [24 FEB - 03 MAR] Musicians - Musicians - either portraits or performing live.

TC #109: [11 FEB - 16 FEB] Love - This is a challenge to depict an emotion. Valentine's Day falls within this period so let show some love.

TC #108: [04 FEB - 10 FEB] Leading Lines - Images depicting strong linear or curved lines that draw you into or through it.

TC #107: [28 JAN - 03 FEB] Weather - Images where weather is the primary element.

TC #106: [31 DEC - 27 JAN] Green - This is the February cover challenge theme. The selected image will be featured on the February cover of TPN. Good luck all!

TC #105: [24 DEC - 30 DEC] Parents and Kids - Families gather all over the world during the holiday season. Capture the connection and bond between parents and kids.

TC #104: [17 DEC - 23 DEC] Festivals - People in costume during a themed festival.

TC #103: [10 DEC - 16 DEC] Its all about the hair - Interesting hair styles.

TC #102: [03 DEC - 09 DEC] People Silhouettes or Shadows - With the short days of winter, it should be easy to find silhouettes and long shadows from sunrises, sunsets, city lights. It has to be people though.

TC #101: [26 NOV - 02 DEC] Generations - Capture images of multiple generations of people, particularly immediate and extended families. They could be participating in a group activity, gathered for a special occasion, etc.

TC #100: [19 NOV - 25 NOV] Wheels - These come in all forms from motorized vehicles to grist mills to wagons and trains.

TC #99: [12 NOV - 18 NOV] Famous People - Paparazzi images of anyone from world famous celebs to local legends. Include the story of who they are, why they are famous, and how you came to capture the image. Your image can include more than one famous person, but you have to provide all the details for every famous person in the image.

TC #98: [05 NOV - 11 NOV] Fireworks - Any kind of fireworks for any occasion

TC #97: [29 OCT - 04 NOV] Halloween - This is the week of Halloween. How about haunted houses, people dressed in spooky costumes, kids trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, jack-o-lanterns all aglow. Anything that captures the spirit of Halloween is acceptable.

TC#96: [22 OCT - 28 OCT] The Harvest - Any image depicting the harvest season. fields of corn, pumpkins, etc., or harvesters in action (people harvesting by hand, or machine harvesting).

TC#95: [15 OCT - 21 OCT] Autumn - It is fall in the northern hemisphere. Post your best illustration of those beautiful fall colors. It can be a landscape of a large vista, a single colorful tree or bush, a stream surrounded by colors or anything else that captures the essence of fall.

TC#94: [08 OCT - 14 OCT] Photo Essay - create a three-image montage depicting your home town or favorite location

TC#93: [01 OCT - 07 OCT] Ultra wide - fish-eye ultra wide angle images

TC#92: [24 SEP - 30 SEP] Fire In The Sky - post your best fiery sunrise or sunset image

TC#91: [17 SEP - 23 SEP] Black & White Landscape

TC#90: [10 SEP - 16 SEP] Flat Landscape - no hills in sight

TC#89: [03 SEP - 09 SEP] River Valley Landscape

TC#88: [27 AUG - 02 SEP] Rural landscape - quiet and empty

TC#87: [20 AUG - 26 AUG] Industrial landscape - factories etc

TC#86: [13 AUG - 19 AUG] Weather - images where the weather is the main element. Thanks goes to Ian Lawrence for suggesting this one.

TC#85: [06 AUG - 12 AUG] Wide Angle Portrait with Sense of Place – Not just a fun snap of someone filling the frame, but a nice portrait using a 28mm (or 17mm with the 1.6 magnification factor on most digital cameras) or wider lens, and including a sense of place within the background portion of the image. Thanks goes to Tim Godspeed for suggesting this one.

TC#84: [06 AUG - 25 AUG] September Cover Challenge - This is a September cover challenge. All image must have been taken on Aug 5th, 2006. Normal posting limits apply, thus the 20 day length of this challenge so you can enter all your images.

TC#83: [30 JUL - 05 AUG] Foreground Frames – images with a strong use of a foreground frame. Looking through doors, windows, archways, trees, are but a few examples. Thanks goes to Tim Godspeed for suggesting this one.

TC#82: [23 JUL - 29 JUL] Moving On - Shots of traffic or people in motion, whether at night or simply due to longer than usual exposures. The idea is to keep things moving with blur, rather than freezing them.

TC#81: [16 JUL - 22 JUL] Street Scenes - People and place, whether close to home or far away.

TC#80: [09 JUL - 15 JUL] Photographers - Shots of photographers at work. We're around them all the time. It's time to "bare all".

TC#79: [02 JUL - 08 JUL] People and Pets - Not simple pet portraits, but pets and their owners (especially interaction).

TC#78: [25 JUN - 01 JUL] Wheels - Cars, trains, planes, wagons, toys and more. Zero in on a wheel and see if you can bring the larger picture to life with a detail.

TC#77: [18 JUN - 24 JUN] Broken - Anything from windows to pottery, cars to road signs, buildings to toys. Broken objects tell their own story, while also telling us a lot about the culture they come from.

TC#76: [11 JUN - 24 JUN] July Cover Challenge - classic travel icons from a different point of view.

TC#75: [04 JUN - 10 JUN] The Beach - anything related to the beach - sea life, sand castles, summer crowds, surf fishing, etc.

TC#74: [28 MAY - 03 JUN] Weddings/Graduations - Tis the season for spring weddings and graduations.

TC#73: [21 MAY - 27 MAY] Long Exposure - Exposure must be 1/2 a second or longer.

TC#72: [14 MAY - 20 MAY] Shooting From Above - High viewpoint images looking down.

TC#71: [07 MAY - 13 MAY] Reflections (no mirrors) - Reflections, but without a mirror.

TC#70: [30 APR - 06 MAY] Gardens - Formal gardens and landscape architecture.

TC#69: [23 APR - 29 APR] Aeronautics - Aerial demonstrations and competitions, aeronautic history (people and objects).

TC#68: [16 APR - 22 APR ] Farming Equipment - Both powered and manual farming implements, tools, machinery.

TC#67: [09 APR - 15 APR ] Easter - Anything associated with Easter - religious ceremonies, easter egg hunts, baskets, flowers, etc.

TC#66: [02 APR - 08 APR ] April Showers - April showers bring May flowers. Any scene that includes rain, with or without people.

TC#65: [26 MAR - 01 APR] Neon Signs - Drive-in movie theaters, indoor theatres, diners, watering holes, etc.

TC#64: [19 MAR - 25 MAR] Bridges - Bridge architecture has many forms with varying lines, texture, settings, heights, lengths.

TC#63: [12 MAR - 18 MAR] Colored Glass - Stained glass windows, colored glass bottles, leaded glass artwork, etc.

TC#62: [05 MAR - 11 MAR] Portraits (200mm) - [ Dave Uhlig ] Portraits taken specifically at 200mm focal length.

TC#61: [26 FEB - 04 MAR] Church Steeples - [ Walter Rowe ] Church steeples or other ornate religious tops.

TC#60: [19 FEB - 25 FEB] Portraits (50mm) - [ Dave Uhlig ] Portraits taken specifically at 50mm focal length.

TC#59: [12 FEB - 18 FEB] Hearts - [ Jim White ] Well it is Valentine's Day after all!

TC#58: [05 FEB - 11 FEB] Communications - [ Jim White ] Something to do with people communicating.

TC#57: [29 JAN - 04 FEB] Blue too - [ Jim White ] The primary mood of the image must be blue.

TC#56: [22 JAN - 28 JAN] Blue - [ inspired by Paul W Faust's article ] The primary colour of the image must be blue.

TC#55: [15 JAN - 21 JAN] Outdoors (Candid) - [ inspired by Darby's article ] Shoot an image of someone who is outdoors and is unaware of the image being taken.

TC#54: [08 JAN - 14 JAN] 100 Meter / 300 Foot Radius - [ inspired by Darby's article ] Shoot an image of whatever inspires you, but you and your camera must be within 100 meters of your front door!

TC#53: [12 DEC - 31 DEC] Holiday Greetings!

TC#52: [4 DEC - 11 DEC] After Dark

TC#51: [27 NOV - 3 DEC] Wind - [ Chris Ayriss ] The wind is invisible, so it should be a good topic for photography!

TC#50: [20 NOV - 26 NOV] Winter - [ Jim White ] The winner of this challenge will have their image grace the cover of TPN's December issue.

TC#49: [13 NOV - 18 NOV] Doors & Doorways - [ Paul W. Faust ] Any "Door and Doorway" anywhere, any age, any type. All you have to do is make it look creative. And remember, there are more doors than just in houses and churches.

TC#48: [26 OCT - 5 NOV] Self Portrait - Post an image of yourself! Images showing you in action are especially nice!

TC#47: [25 SEP - 1 OCT] Beverages from around the World - Pretty self-explanatory. Just don't drink too much before trying to focus!

TC#46: [18 SEP - 24 SEP] Clocks - Any clock will do, but show it in a special light!

TC#45: [11 SEP - 17 SEP] Unfinished Projects - Any project, personal or in your area, that has simply been left unfinished, and tell the story that goes with it.

TC#44: [ 4 SEP - 10 SEP] Holes - Try to compose for what's not there!

TC#43: [28 AUG - 3 SEP] Traveling Light - Let's see your best travel images captured with a pocket cam, mini cam, (or for those of us old enough to remember: an Instamatic). Leave your bag of bodies and lenses at home!

TC#42: [21 AUG - 27 AUG] Multiple Use - Try to show an incongruous juxtaposition of people or events such as a mountain biker racing through a cattle herd, walkers in a sheep field, or a car on a beach!

TC#41: [14 AUG - 20 AUG] Wet and Calm! - Let's see images of sedate water such as ripple-free ponds, smooth waterfalls, or a placid puddle.

TC#40: [ 7 AUG - 13 AUG] Wet and Wild! - Let's see images of active water such as waves crashing, hoses splashing, and rivers crashing over rocks.

TC#39: [31 JUL - 6 AUG] People Close-ups! - Whether it's wide angle close in or telephoto from a distance, show us people up close! Note: Candidate images should be posted in the PJ & People Forum.

TC#38: [31 JUL - 6 AUG] Historic Landmarks - Most anything qualifies whether its local, regional, national or international history.

TC#37: [24 JUL - 30 JUL] Find the "Z" - Spot the "Z" shapes in the landscape, architecture, cityscapes, etc.

TC#36: [17 JUL - 23 JUL] Environmental Interests - Images depicting areas that have been spoiled through pollution, land abuse, erosion, or 'progress'.

TC#35: [10 JUL - 16 JUL] Fireworks - You all read Paul's article on TPN, now show us what you got!

TC#34: [ 3 JUL - 9 JUL] People at Work - Show us a day in the life of someone at work. It could be yourself, your colleagues, or complete strangers. The challenge is not to just post a record shot of someone working. Try to give it an edge! Note: Candidate images should be posted in the PJ & People Forum.

TC#33: [26 JUN - 2 JUL] Urban / Rural Art - Examples include: Graffiti, Crop Circles, billboards, and wall murals.

TC#32: 5 JUN - 25 Jun - Seeing Red - an image that is primarily red, or which has a subject that is (simply enough) red.

TC#31: 22 MAY - 4 JUN - Favourite Watering Hole - It can be a challenge to shoot things you're too familiar with. Be it a pub, bar, smoothie shop, or water fountain, take a shot of your local haunt as if you were a tourist!

TC#30: 8 MAY - 21 MAY - B&W Travel - Any travel photography image that is unencumbered by colour.

TC#29: 24 APR - 7 MAY - Movie Sets - Show us a location that has been used in a movie. An extra 007 points will be awarded for locations of James Bond movies!

TC#28: 10 APR - 23 APR - Night Shots - Any location, any subject, but the image must have been taken after sunset and before sunrise.

TC#27: 27 MAR - 9 APR - Spring into Action - It's Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and time for the start of the outdoor sports season. Show us your best shots of outdoor sports or activities that have been waiting for the return of the sun! (Special dispensation is made for antipodeans who want to post images of fall season activities!)

TC#26: 13 MAR - 26 MAR - Spring Break - Photos of destinations that break the winter blues.

TC#25: 27 FEB - 12 MAR - Daily Commute - Show us what you see on your way to work!

TC#24: 13 FEB - 26 FEB - What I Shot Today - Any image that has spent less than 24 hours in digital form. (Taken today with a digital camera or scanned today from that just-processed roll of film!)

TC#23: 30 JAN - 12 FEB - Low Shots - Your best images taken when the camera was less than half a meter/yard above the ground!

TC#22: 16 JAN - 29 JAN - Scaffolding! Submitted by Charlie & Hank during TC#15 - Hide it or give it a place of prominence, but everyone has to deal with scaffolding in the city shots. Show us how you dealt with it!

TC#21: 2 JAN - 15 JAN - Favourite Destination 2004 - PhotoArt Submitted by Elizabeth Joy Kimes (theme modified slightly by Jim W!) - Let's kick off the new year with a view of your travel images from 2004 turned into photo art.

TC#20: 19 DEC - 1 JAN - Reflections Submitted by Lee Robinson - Show us your best images which include a reflection, and remember that surfaces other than water reflect, too!

TC#19: 5 DEC - 18 DEC - Hometown Photo Submitted by Elizabeth Joy Kimes - Show us where you grew up in modern or dated (or in some cases ancient) photos.

TC#18: 21 NOV - 4 DEC - Giving Thanks Submitted by Jim White - It's Thanksgiving time in the US, and while TPN is international, as my South African wife points out - Having a day to give thanks is a very nice idea. Put it into pictures!

TC#17: 7 NOV - 20 NOV - Windows Submitted by Beth Summer - Originally submitted as 'A Single Window', but why limit the challenge? And, by the way, who says a window has to contain glass!

TC#16: 24 OCT - 6 NOV - Something Spooky Submitted by TC#10 - We came up with enough spooky PhotoArt in TC#10 to warrant an all-out Halloween challenge. Let's see what goes bump in the night!

TC#15: 10 - 23 OCT - Set-up Submitted by Hank Pennington. We always see folks posing in front of scenes, and often are asked to use their camera to take the shot for them. Standard or not, share your favourite from among your files!

TC#14: 26 SEP - 9 OCT - Armchair Traveler Submitted by Jim White. What do you do on a weekend when no planes, trains, or automobiles are involved?

TC#13: 12 - 25 SEP - Self Portrait Submitted by Hank Pennington. Not a competition for the faint-hearted! Dave and Juza have already been brave enough, now it's our turn! What do all you folks look like, anyway?

TC#12: 29 AUG - 11 SEP - Sports Photography Submitted by Jim Erhardt. It's time to show everything from that little league capture to World Cup memories! Let's see your best Sports Photography work!

TC#11: 15 - 28 AUG - Photogenic Ugly Stuff Submitted by Tom Wilson. If it's not naturally pretty, but you've got a good image of it, that works for this theme!

TC#10: 1 - 14 AUG - TPN Photo Art Submitted by Jim White. Time for us all step beyond our safety zone and be artistic. Use the camera as an artistic tool, or dive into those extra filters and effects in PS that you always feared. Based on the Editor's Challenge results, this should be no problem!!

TC#9: 18 - 31 JUL - A Single Door Submitted by Dotty Waxman. There are a lot of interesting portals out there. Let's see your best doorway!

TC#8: 4 - 17 JUL - Photojournalism Submitted by Dave Uhlig. A picture is worth a thousand words, so give us a thousand words on any topic. Show us how you can tell a story through an image.

TC#7: 20 JUN - 3 JUL - Amusing signs Submitted by Dotty Waxman. Let?s see what you can come up with here! It can be quite fun when a language is mistranslated or an icon that?s supposed to be universally obvious - isn't!

TC#6: 6 JUN - 19 JUN - Local Festivals Submitted by Rod Erdahl. You define what?s local. Show us what and how you celebrate! Fairs, festivals, carnivals, and more qualify for this theme.

TC#5: 24 MAY - 6 JUN - The weather is here, wish you were beautiful - Images depicting places on the planet with their natural or dramatic weather properly exposed.

TC#4: 10 - 23 MAY - Plane Truth - Something related to air travel. (Just don't shoot in the security area. They have no sense of humour these days!)

TC#3: 26 APR - 9 MAY - On the Un-Level (skewed horizons) - Show us a travel image that looks good despite the fact that it would get criticised in (insert your favourite NPN category here) for not being level!

TC#2: 11 - 24 APR - Hometown tourist attraction - If it's near your home, and someone from somewhere else would want to come see it, it probably qualifies. Show us your local own environment through the eyes of a tourist.

TC#1: Now - 10th APR - City Lights - Images should present a city (whole or part, however large or small) and at least one light!


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