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Table of Contents for December 2011

[media:20111109121835676 align:center src:disp border:1 link:1 width:900 Medieval Castle © Jim Chamberlain]


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A Travel Tale of Two Monasteries

Spain and France have long histories and more landmarks and historical sites than one can see in a lifetime. During a recent trip to Europe, I had the opportunity to visit two similar but distinctively different places, the monasteries of Mont St. Michel on the coast France, and Montserrat high and deep in the mountains of Spain.

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Angels, Goddesses, and the Spirit of Italy: Diane Epstein's Fine Art Fresco Photographs

The allure of Italy has captivated the imagination of painters, sculptors, architects and photographers for centuries.  The historian and author of “As the Romans Do: An American Family's Italian Odyssey,” Alan Epstein, will lead a lively discussion highlighting the timeless images, feminine archetypes, and architectural grandeur that characterize Italian art and culture. The talk and exhibit will be held at the Gerald Bland Gallery, 1262 Madison Ave. New York, Thursday, December 15th,  2011, at 6.30 pm.



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