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Thursday, July 26 2012 @ 11:38 PM EDT

Table of Contents for July 2012

Historic Bisbee © Bob Miller


TPN 3.1 Is Here

Welcome to the July 2012 edition of Travel Photographers Network. This month we are proud to bring you an updated version 3.1 of the website with the following enhancements:

  • Image Comments - When you click the button to add a comment to an image, you will now see the image above the area where you type in your comment. No more having to keep two windows open when making comments to images.
  • Comment Subscriptions - You can now subscribe to get email notifications when comments are made to any content on the site - images, forum topics and articles. You will NOT receive an email notice for comments you make. You will only get notifications when others have made a comment to an item that you have subscribed to.
  • Account Settings - There is a new tab in the Account Settings where you an see all of the items for which you have subscribed to receive email notifications. This makes it easy to unsubscribe from any you choose.
  • Site Theme - We have made a few enhancements to the overall look and feel of the site. These are only minor. We are working on a more significant upgrade to the site's look and feel to make it more vibrant and energetic feeling.
  • Performance - The new upgrade brings with it several performance enhancements that should make the site feel snappier.

I am grateful for the help of many of our members who helped test the new version of our site to shake out the kinks and prepare it for everyone. Specifically, I would like to thank the moderators - Avi, Bob and Rob - and Roger Maki, Patrick Flynn and Tricia Kennedy.

We have done our best to find all the issues and resolve them. If you find any remaining problems with the site, please either post a message in the forums or email me at [email protected].

All the best!

Walter Rowe, Editor

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