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Table of Contents for May 2012

Death Valley Dunes © Jim Chamberlain


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Death Valley in Black and White

Death Valley Dunes

Most people think of Death Valley as a flat featureless desert of parched broken land inhabited by scorpions and rattlesnakes.  I admit I was one of those people until a recent visit changed my mind.

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Rhodes, the Colossus of the Mediterranean

Supposed site of the Colossus of Rhodes

Rhodes, famous for the Colossus, is fifth of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the home of the Knights of St John after their expulsion from Jerusalem. Rhodes is the fourth largest of the Greek islands and the largest of the Dodecanese. Rhodes averages 266 days of sunshine. And Rhodes is my favourite Greek Island. Along with many other mediterranean islands, it's economy has changed from being based on simple agricultural subsistence to one that is totally reliant on tourism. This has been accomplished without too much difficulty. The benefits of Greece's membership into the EU (European Union) are all to obvious. The Island now boasts an integrated transportation and accommodation infrastructure geared towards tourism. Cheap hotels are in abundance and resorts like Faliraki with its twenty-four hour party atmosphere continue to grow in size and popularity. Has the Island changed? Of course it has. Is it for the better? Only the visitor can decide.

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Book Review: The Passionate Photographer, Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great

Seattle Night

While not written with an eye specifically toward travel photography, following the steps outlined in The Passionate Photographer will help travel photographers improve their craft – both beginners and experienced photographers alike. Steve Simon writes from his many years as a freelance photojournalist, and his book truly brings out his passion for photography. He explains in a step-by-step fashion how to turn photographic passion into unique, strong images.

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Shantipur - In The Land Of Looms

Weaver, loom and colorful yarns

If there is a place on earth where nearly one hundred eleven different weaver communities cohabit in one place, it is only in Shantipur. Besotted in Nadia District of West Bengal and located about 90 kms from Kolkata, this cluster has carved a m├ętier for itself as a single largest sourcing destination for the trademark Jacquard sarees of Bengal or commonly known as Shantipuri ‘Tant’ sarees. The sarees are termed as per the design used in the extra warp meant for side border. The ground base is Cotton but the extra warp or border different textiles yarns Muga, Twisted Cotton, Zari, Gold or silver is used. Since ancient times, Shantipur and the surrounding regions have been famous for handloom sarees. Weaving activity here was in place since 1409 when ‘Gaur Ganesh Danu Mardhandev’ ruled Shantipur. With the advent of Mughal Empire, weaving saree at Shantipur got due recognition and production intensified to such an extent that goods began reaching regions like Afghanistan, Iran, Arabia, Greece and Turkey.

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Spain Photo Workshop: Madrid, Segovia, Toledo

Travel with us to The Heart of Spain:
Madrid, Segovia & Toledo!
September 14 to 23, 2012
Food ~ Photography ~ Culture ~ Museums ~ History
Spain - Segovia - Alcazat at Night
Please join travel photographer, author and international photo tour guide Ralph Velasco, along with food photographer and social media expert Rosh Sillars, on a customized small group tour (20 max.) of Central Spain, consisting of 4 nights in Madrid, 2 nights in Segovia and 2 nights in Toledo.
Open to photographers and non-photographers alike,
so feel free to bring a spouse or other travel mate.

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