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Wednesday, July 11 2012 @ 10:32 PM EDT

Table of Contents for October 2011

Delicate Arch from Afar © Hank Pennington
Delicate Arch from Afar © Hank Pennington


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The Grand Place in Brussels

The Grand Place

The Grand Place, Brussels’ central square and a UNESCO World Heritage site, is dominated by the fifteenth-century Town Hall. This imposing structure, with its tall spire and detailed exterior, is surrounded by beautiful former Guild Halls. Each represents a different profession, heavily gilded. The Swan, one of the most beautiful, is the former butchers’ Guild Hall, and is now a famous restaurant. Others built by bakers, sailors, merchants and brewers have left a wonderful legacy to their occupations. The Grand Place was bombed to ruins in 1695 by order of Louis XIV of France. The buildings were all rebuilt between 1695 and 1700.

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Malta: Love It or Hate It!

The Yellow Buses

I fell in love with Malta when I visited as a child. I loved the people, the history, the food and especially riding the old yellow buses. Unfortunately, even the resourceful Maltese have had to bow to the inevitable, now that they are members of that bureaucratic stronghold, the European Union. As I write this, the old yellow buses have disappeared, having been replaced by modern buses lacking in character. My daughter and I also love Malta for the sea and the scuba diving. My wife is not so enamoured, preferring to laze in the sun while we half kill ourselves in the sea. However, when wearing her photographer's hat, my wife sees Malta in a different light. She sees it as a place packed full of photographic opportunities including nature, people and the many festivals.

Still, Malta does not have the ‘party’ atmosphere so prevalent in many other Mediterranean locales. Could this fact, together with the general calmness and tranquility of the island and that there are only two really good beaches and two more that are passable for the bucket and spade brigade, have any bearing on the average age of tourists being above 45? Could this be a reason many hate it? Malta is a place where you can enjoy a holiday without the disturbance of the usual 18-30 party crowd, though my teenage daughter has assured me repeatedly that they are there if you look for them. Thank goodness I am past the age of looking for them.

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Arches National Park

Skyline Arch

The American West conjures images of soaring red rock mesas, otherworldly red sandstone formations, and rippled red sand with cactus, wildflowers and animals.

Though popular for Western movies long before color film, the region around Moab, Utah, became a magnet once Kodak splashed all that red across the big screen. Today it’s a hub for recreation and tourism with Arches NP the centerpiece for red rock desert in all its glory. In addition to more than 2,000 of its namesake natural arches, Arches is a riot of great landscape photo and recreational opportunities.

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