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Wednesday, July 11 2012 @ 10:32 PM EDT

Table of Contents for August 2011

Man and Tongariki Maois © Richard P Schoettger
Man and Tongariki Maois © Richard P Schoettger


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Renewal on Easter Island

Sunset at the Tahai Complex
Sunset at the Tahai Complex

“A traveler is, in the end, a sensualist – more honestly human, perhaps; more openly passionate in response to the world than the person who only occasionally peers above the rut he or she has dug along the course of workaday life at home. “ For years upon years this unknown quote kept staring me in the face every time I opened the refrigerator door and I never grew tired of seeing it - quite opposite actually.

I grew up in a very mid-west town as one of four siblings in a family that enjoyed traveling around the States occasionally by car or train. As with most people in that area of the country, the importance of life was raising a family and staying at home. Back in 1972 while educating myself as a music major I met a woman, Twila, who certainly had a different perception on life. She drove a purple Dodge Challenger for goodness sake. Eventually in 1975 we were wed and started our life together. Little did I know at that time what a “global” impact that would be to me.

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Travels With Tony - Voyaging is Victory

When we say "Travel Photography" - what does that really mean? As a former National Geographic photographer, traveling and shooting in over 30 countries during my 20 years working with Geographic, I've learned that great photography requires more than common travel - it requires a greater and more challenging sense of voyaging. Great photography happens only when one truly voyages to destinations and immerse themselves into the culture. Great photography takes time, effort and a willingness to "lose yourself" in the culture, language and customs of the place you are shooting. I like to quote the Arabic saying "Voyaging is victory!"


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