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Table of Contents for July 2011

First Light of the New Millenium © Patrick Flynn
First Light of the New Millenium © Patrick Flynn


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An Engaging South Pole Millenium

© Patrick Flynn
© Patrick Flynn

Wanderlust is as much a disease as malaria, infecting its host like a mosquito bite that will never stop itching. Anyone stricken with it will not mistake its symptoms, yet few of us ever seek a cure.

Most people I've met with this condition can point to a seminal moment when they first caught the relentless fever for travel. For me that moment came in my final semester of college when I undertook a round-the-world voyage by ship. My travel resume up to that point was meager and uninspired, consisting of a few domestic car trips, one Mexican border crossing, and a single flight across the pond for an English music festival. That shortsightedness changed forever in one fell swoop in the spring of 1995, when I joined a small academic community in sailing around the globe.


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Should You Go Candid or Posed?

I'm currently in India participating in a FAM, or familiarization, trip sponsored by the Indian government and Globus Travel, the company I use to coordinate many of the trips that I lead.  We've had the incredible opportunity of visiting the Golden Triangle, a popular tourist route that takes in Delhi, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) and Jaipur.  I hope to be posting quite a few more articles over the next few months with some really incredible photo opportunities I was able to take advantage of, especially here in Old Delhi.  If you've never been to India, I highly recommend it, although it's not for the faint of heart!

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Thailand - A Land of Surprises

© Namrata Sen
© Namrata Sen

I went to Thailand with 2 of my friends in Jan this year, a 4 night 5 day get away from the v busy work life. At the planning and budgeting stage, I got inundated with loads of offers / quotations from the travel agents, however finally I made my own itinerary after researching for 2 months. End result: I saw more than double the number of things to see at half the cost!!

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