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Wednesday, June 08 2016 @ 08:20 PM EDT

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Monument to Madiba
this incredible bit of art celebrating Nelson Mandela is found outside Lions River in SA, commemorating the spot he was captured in. It is a series of Steel poles all slightly different shape and height, which, when viewed from one particular angle and elevation show Madibas face... the artist really thought out of the box here..

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Sat May 11, '13 11:15AM
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Authored by: Alice Kabanoff on Tuesday, May 14 2013 @ 04:37 AM EDT Monument to Madiba

 This is really incredible ! And you really found the perfect angle to make it work with a picture as well. Nice job ! The only thing slightly bothering me are the electrical wires in the back. 

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thanks Alice, yup the cables are an eyesore and I deliberated as to whether I should Ps them out... they are high tension cables for the main railway line which runs behind the monument. I guess that as Mandela was captured on the train at that spot, it is a reminder of that moment.

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