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Wednesday, June 08 2016 @ 07:57 AM EDT
People & Portrait
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San Fran Doll
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sun Dec 02, '12 11:24AM
Posted Sat Dec 08, '12 02:04AM
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I never thought of visiting Hanoi especially after going up in the late 60's and 70's, but was wonderfully surprised when I visited there recently.   The hustle and bustle of the streets were fascinating.  I did some editing on this with de-saturating everything but the woman vendor center stage to try to bring her out a little, but retain the interest of all the interesting activity in the background.  Let me know what you think.
The Streets of Hanoi
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Wed Dec 22, '10 08:59PM
Posted Mon Nov 26, '12 06:59AM
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LEFT: In January 2000, a mile or so from the geographic South Pole (the station is visible in the distance), some bored construction workers carved ice sculptures out of the tundra with chainsaws, including this replica moai. Knowing then that I planned to visit Easter Island a decade later, I asked Jen to pose in front of it. RIGHT: In July 2010, when we finally visited Easter Island, Jen struck a similar pose in front of an actual moai - this time posing with the originally unforeseen addition of my daughter Zoe.
Tale of Two Moai
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Fri Nov 23, '12 04:32PM
Posted Fri Nov 23, '12 09:32PM
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We stayed at a homestay in Sa Pa Valley area in northern Vietnam and while working there in the cool, damp weather, I came upon this charming young lady.  The beauty of many of these young people is their lack of exposure to the outside world and how happy they are.  Life is simple, but they always seem to put on a smile and be a pleasure to be around.
Wrapped Innocence
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sat Dec 25, '10 01:07PM
Posted Wed Nov 21, '12 08:03AM
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Bermuda has a world class aquarium
Bermuda Triangulation
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Tue Jan 03, '06 06:07AM
Posted Tue Nov 20, '12 12:37AM
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So here is my daughter Zoe last summer at Washington, D.C.'s Natural History Museum, standing in front of a display of a giraffe drinking water. She was not aware of the fabulous juxtaposition (she is chewing her hair distractedly) so I couldn't refuse the photograph!
Touch and Go
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sun Dec 05, '10 10:52AM
Posted Sat Nov 17, '12 11:32PM
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Each of the 80 or so islands of Vanuatu have different languages, customs and arts.  While there is some wood carving on a few of the islands most art is music, stories and on Pentecost, Sand Painting.
Sand Painting on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
Photograph © James Thomsen
Captured Mon Sep 24, '12 12:07AM
Posted Wed Nov 14, '12 05:30PM
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Druze elders sitting outside discussing whatever in one of the Villages .
Druze elders Pekein
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Mon Nov 12, '12 06:54AM
Posted Mon Nov 12, '12 05:02AM
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an Argentinan beauty sipping her traditional herbal tea
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun Nov 11, '12 10:49AM
Posted Mon Nov 12, '12 02:55AM
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This is one of my favorite images of someone on my trips.  It is not the best photograph, but I simply adore the look on her face as she went riding away at dusk in Guilin, China.
The Girl from Guilin
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Thu Sep 23, '10 11:19PM
Posted Sun Nov 11, '12 07:57AM
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A father of 8, this man spends his days on River Ganges (Varanasi). His endless stories of ghats' history were interupted by occasional slip into unconsious world (he wasn't intimedated by us two and took the sustance right there on the boat. It did cross my mind to jump the boats at one point!!). But once back - he was most entertaining story teller regradless if it was true or not.
The man who knew it all
Photograph ©
Captured Mon Nov 21, '11 05:23AM
Posted Sat Nov 10, '12 07:19AM
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During our Photowalk, these two kids caught my attention and I find them interesting to shoot.
That Candid Smile
Photograph © Kenneth Wabinga
Captured Sun Aug 12, '12 09:58AM
Posted Thu Nov 08, '12 12:32AM
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Chatting away after the hunt with a member of the Ju/'oan, a San people, living in northern Namibia. It was one of the most extraordinary trips I ever made to go hunting antelope with them; they still use poison arrows to do so, and they are extremely knowledgeable of animals and plants they find along their way.
After the Hunt
Karin De Winter
Photograph © Karin De Winter
Captured Sat May 26, '12 07:22AM
Posted Wed Nov 07, '12 04:34PM
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This one is a little more playful. I really enjoyed spending time with this couple. I can't wait to do more photo sessions like this.
Jessica+Ryan Engagement III
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Sat Nov 03, '12 11:32AM
Posted Tue Nov 06, '12 10:14AM
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Here is a second image from yesterday's engagement session with Jessica + Ryan. See the first post for more details on use of fill flash.
Jessica+Ryan Engagement II
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Sat Nov 03, '12 11:56AM
Posted Sun Nov 04, '12 12:00PM
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This was a young Vietnamese boy in the Sa Pa region appearing to be daydreaming during a local show.
When You Wish Upon A Star
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Thu Dec 23, '10 08:11PM
Posted Sun Nov 04, '12 07:43AM
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My wife and I had the pleasure of spending this crisp fall afternoon shooting engagement portraits of her niece. We shot 150 frames in an hour at a park near our home where the fall leaves managed to survive Hurricane Sandy. FLASH DETAILS: on-camera SB-800 flash set to slow sync / -0.7 flash compensation .. just enough pop to fill in shadows on a very overcast day and to give a little sparkle in the eyes.
Jessica+Ryan Engagement
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Sat Nov 03, '12 12:00PM
Posted Sat Nov 03, '12 09:17PM
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Two friends
Photograph ©
Captured Sun Nov 06, '11 02:21AM
Posted Sat Nov 03, '12 05:41AM
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scooters are one of the main forms of transport in Croatia, something the whole family can share, especially  if it is a small family...
family transport...
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun Sep 30, '12 07:02AM
Posted Sat Nov 03, '12 02:37AM
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A secret always known to most photographers is to get up early to catch the light and opportunities.  We got up on our last day in Chengdu to visit the temple down the street.  We were the first in and were able to catch some of the monks still walking around a huge complex.  Within 30 minutes it was packed and the serenity was lost.
Early Bird Gets the Monk
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Fri Oct 21, '11 01:59PM
Posted Sat Nov 03, '12 02:24AM
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sitting in the square in Montepulciano, a time to catch up on the gossip and watch the tourists...
a time to catch up
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Fri Sep 21, '12 02:39PM
Posted Fri Nov 02, '12 07:16AM
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My wife and I went to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA last Friday in an effort to see it with the fall colors before Hurricane Sandy wiped them all out. We took this portrait of me inside one of the tree houses on the property. I was backed up to a window that opened up to a dense grove of sycamore and oak trees with brilliant yellow colors. We used on-camera flash to fill and add a little sparkle to the eyes. I had to dodge my face and front of my fleece jacket to lighten it a bit, even with the fill flash. What do you think? Are the window slats distracting? I have another from a different location without the slats.
Self Portrait at Longwood Gardens
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Fri Oct 26, '12 09:33AM
Posted Thu Nov 01, '12 10:02AM
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late afternoon in Montepulciano in Tuscany... this seemingly lonely old man was content to sit outside in the narrow streets and watch the world go by
afternoon people watching
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Fri Sep 21, '12 01:54PM
Posted Thu Nov 01, '12 02:10AM
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taken from the pier in Trieste, a city that captured my heart
sunset reflections
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Wed Oct 03, '12 02:16PM
Posted Thu Nov 01, '12 02:10AM
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This is actually an outdoor photo from Cancun last year, on our hotel patio which had a corner wall where a sick dove decided to rest for about a day. It became used to us and we to it, and my daughter Zoe eventually danced around in front of it as though it weren't there - leading to this image.
Curious Poses
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sun Nov 13, '11 06:59AM
Posted Mon Oct 29, '12 03:54PM
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Nothing better in the world than a bunch of fun-loving kids.   As Flores, Indonesia is not a tourist destination, these kids have had very little time with outsiders which allowed them to be so honestly open and fun.   I had a wonderful time "playing" with them and sharing my photography.  I even had the older girl hold and shoot the camera, with my assistance of course.   Getting kids involved drops all curtains and makes taking wonderful images so much easier!
The Flores Kids
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Tue Apr 26, '11 01:53PM
Posted Fri Oct 26, '12 02:43AM
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This shot was taken on the beach in Bournemouth, Dorset UK. They have built an underwater wave wall which apparently did not work, but that does not stop surfers and they are braving the sea whatever the weather.
Into unknown
Photograph ©
Captured Wed Oct 17, '12 01:07PM
Posted Wed Oct 24, '12 05:35AM
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My daughter Zoe turned 5 in early September and she allowed me this moment of repose for photography.
Turning Five
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sat Sep 01, '12 10:39AM
Posted Fri Oct 19, '12 11:39PM
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It's not what U think
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Thu Oct 11, '12 12:17PM
Posted Tue Oct 16, '12 10:51PM
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Impeccable Aura
Photograph © Dr. Danny Alfaras
Captured Sun Oct 14, '12 08:17AM
Posted Tue Oct 16, '12 12:17AM
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The first festival I visited in Papua New Guinea was the Crocodile Festival located on the Sepik River.  This was not planned on our trip, so was a wonderful surpise as the river tribes are very different than the mountain tribes of PNG.  Different costumes, dances, etc.  This gentlemen wore a hat from part of the Cassowary bird.  All in all...wonderfully friendly people and seemed happy to be in the front of the camera.
PNG River Warrior
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Tue Aug 07, '12 01:36PM
Posted Mon Oct 15, '12 07:46AM
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One of the projects organised by CHIN gives girls and young women the opportunity to acquire a skill that enables them to earn a living. Many of them are single mothers who have lost both parents to AIDS.
These two girls (from a group of seven) are being instructed in tailoring. After completing the course they will be further supported in setting up their own business.
Tailoring Class
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Tue Oct 09, '12 10:08AM
Posted Sun Oct 14, '12 02:05AM
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We went to visit this Chief near Lundazi, Zambia, to get his support for a small project enabling girls and young women to learn a craft and give them a way of earning a livelihood.
Chief Phikamalaza
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Mon Oct 08, '12 05:50AM
Posted Thu Oct 11, '12 01:11AM
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I have taken this picture at the opening ceremony of Annual Camel Fair in Pushkar. I was fortunate to catch the attention of two girls -  Rajasthani ladies can be super shy. It is a hand held shot and, unfortunatelly, the sharpness of the picture suffered.
Vita Wiehl
Photograph ©
Captured Thu Nov 03, '11 03:52AM
Posted Wed Oct 10, '12 08:55AM
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An everyday challenge for workers commuting after an early routine job at the General Santos City Fish Port, Philippines.
SUBURBAN COMMUTERS @ The City of the Generals
Photograph © Dr. Danny Alfaras
Captured Sat Oct 06, '12 07:57AM
Posted Tue Oct 09, '12 02:30AM
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Poi-Zen fire troup performer spins fire at the Glow! art night in Globe, AZ.
Playing with Fire
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sat Sep 29, '12 05:51PM
Posted Sun Oct 07, '12 11:02AM
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Oneof the local fishermen in Yangshao, China stood by the Li River to pose for pictures...although at a slight fee.  Light was quite challenging, but the birds were beautiful.  They use the birds to catch the fish in the river and when the bird returns to their raft, the fisherman makes them regurgitate it back into a basket.
Cormorants and the Fisherman, Li River, China
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sat Oct 02, '10 10:31PM
Posted Sun Oct 07, '12 04:18AM
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No scuba diver will admit to visiting Belize unless they successfully managed the pilgrimage to the notorious Blue Hole, of Jacques Cousteau fame. The crossing to that location from San Pedro takes almost 2 hours each way, and the boat crews who make that transit do so literally hundreds of times per year. As a result they aren't impressed with the scenery anymore, and eventually they all turn to entertaining the customers with pranks, jokes and poses.
Jester Of The World?
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Tue Oct 02, '12 06:43PM
Posted Sat Oct 06, '12 08:20PM
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Took some shots of my boss and her children in Lusaka. This was one of the best. This was one of the rare moments when the little girl was smiling.
Mother & Child
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Sun Sep 16, '12 10:13AM
Posted Fri Oct 05, '12 04:09AM
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Hi Guys- I thought I'd post this promo shot that I did a week or so back for American Youth Football. Posing 20 kids quickly can be a challenge but this one came off smoothly. Probably 15 minutes from start to finish with an assistant.
Youth Football Promo - Non-Travel
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Mon Oct 01, '12 11:28AM
Posted Fri Oct 05, '12 12:51AM
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