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Wednesday, June 08 2016 @ 02:09 AM EDT
People & Portrait
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I'm currently taking a short, six-week adult continuing education photography course called Beyond Digital.  This week's assignment was to take photographs of people who are framed by windows, doors, or other elements in the photo.  I shot this photo this past Saturday during the annual Oxford Day parade in Oxford, MD.  I was attempting to use shallow depth-of-field to isolate this boy from his surrounding band members, so that the blurred foreground figures would serve as the framing device.  I think his horn also works to help frame his face.  It was just luck that I took the photo while the boy's cheeks were puffed up.
Band Boy
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Sat Apr 27, '13 10:12AM
Posted Tue Apr 30, '13 04:37AM
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Ethiopian elder
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Fri Apr 26, '13 08:54AM
Posted Fri Apr 26, '13 02:27PM
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I accidentally took this photo when I was taking photos of the scenery, suddenly I saw people were fishing on the beach, I just replace me with a telephoto lens.
and fortunately for me, the people seem to be getting the fish .. Strike!!
strikeee !!!
Photograph © yudha
Captured Sun Apr 21, '13 10:37PM
Posted Sun Apr 21, '13 10:37PM
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This man was taken from the hip as I walked by in central Mumbai and he happened to look towards me.  I did a Silver Efx Pro Pinhole filter to give it this effect and kept the slanted view as I liked it.  Tried some cropping, etc....but ended up liking it this way.
Man in Mumbai
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sat Apr 13, '13 07:21PM
Posted Sat Apr 20, '13 07:46AM
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When taking a trip down the Baja, we encountered a wonderful small village sitting in an oasis in the desert.  A little boy was sitting in a store and could not help snapping this Yankees fan!
A Boy from Mexico
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sat Mar 08, '08 04:01PM
Posted Wed Apr 10, '13 09:21AM
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I took this photo last week in when traveled to Demak, Central Java, Indonesia. They're running around me :)
Boys after school
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sat Apr 06, '13 10:03AM
Posted Tue Apr 09, '13 02:25AM
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we recently had a multicultural festival in Durban, and during the opening parade I was fortunate enough to get this smile
A smile for the photographer
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Fri Mar 29, '13 12:07PM
Posted Sat Apr 06, '13 07:57AM
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I took this awhile ago in northern Thailand in the hill villages. I was looking through some of my old images and always enjoyed seeing this smile.
That Thai Smile
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Tue Feb 13, '07 08:15PM
Posted Mon Mar 25, '13 09:28AM
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This is my wife's father and step-mother. I took their portrait using a hand-painted studio canvas and studio lighting. This setup included a single light to the left inside a large softbox and a single white reflector to the right for fill.
Meet The In-laws
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Sat Jan 07, '12 05:20PM
Posted Sun Mar 24, '13 05:21PM
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Getting ready for lighting the candles at the Russian Orthodox Church, this young girl provided a nice smile and did a quick pose for me.  Eyes were precious.   I desaturated a little as the colors were harsh for her and softened it up a little with Color Efx Pro filters.
Russian Girl
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sun Nov 01, '09 07:06AM
Posted Fri Mar 22, '13 07:54AM
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Paris In the summer
on the way home
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sat Jun 23, '12 11:46AM
Posted Sat Mar 16, '13 02:49PM
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Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sun Mar 10, '13 01:58AM
Posted Fri Mar 15, '13 02:18AM
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This is a very well known Humus restaurant in the old city of Acre(UNESCO -heritage city).
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Mon Feb 04, '13 07:45AM
Posted Wed Mar 13, '13 09:15AM
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Bedouin boy and goat
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sat Mar 09, '13 03:33AM
Posted Mon Mar 11, '13 02:37PM
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Baby in the balls
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sat Mar 09, '13 02:02PM
Posted Sat Mar 09, '13 10:46AM
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Fishermen at karangsong beach, Indramayu, Indonesia
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sun Mar 03, '13 02:38AM
Posted Mon Mar 04, '13 08:59PM
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Location: Grafika Resort, Lembang
Sleeping Beauty
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sat Feb 23, '13 05:52AM
Posted Thu Feb 28, '13 12:18AM
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This was taken at night while walking around Guilin, China on the first night we arrived.  There are a few times when I appreciate shooting RAW and this was one of them.   The original is very dark as I had the camera on Manual and did not adjust as I wanted to get the scene.   Someone had just given this man a meal for which he was quite thankful.
Homeless Man of Guilin, China
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Fri Sep 24, '10 02:25AM
Posted Sun Feb 24, '13 04:24AM
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This could have been a good image for the "Innocently Unaware" category, I guess. This girl idling in St. George's, Bermuda, was not the owner of the beer to her left!
Not What It Looks Like
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sun Jan 01, '06 07:22AM
Posted Sat Feb 16, '13 09:25PM
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The river tribes of Papua New Guinea seemed more "war-like" then the bribes up in the highlands as indicated by the man during the Crocodile Festival on the Sepik River region.   I was quite thankful they "fruited" the tip of the spear, but these guys were really fun.  They see a camera and POP...pose.  Then they would laugh and laugh.  Very expressive people.
On the War Path - PNG
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Tue Aug 07, '12 03:18PM
Posted Sat Feb 02, '13 11:05PM
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The mod subculture originated in England in late 50s. Significant elements of the mod subculture include fashion (often tailor-made suits); music and motor scooters. This movement is very much alive and kicking  today with social gatherings all around the country.
The mod
Photograph ©
Captured Sun Aug 26, '12 08:55AM
Posted Mon Jan 28, '13 09:42AM
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In Thar Desert,  I meet this old man.
Photo : Serge Bouvet
From :
Portrait of an Indian (Rajasthan, Thar Desert)
Photograph ©
Captured Wed Jan 23, '13 05:47AM
Posted Wed Jan 23, '13 05:47AM
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The DC memorial to FDR uses a lot of Great Depression imagery, including these statues of a 1930s breadline. They are depicted as huddled and humiliated, and sometimes when a dusting of snow blows through the city it adds a poignant photographic flourish.
FDR Memorial
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Mon Feb 13, '06 07:38AM
Posted Wed Jan 16, '13 12:29AM
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Monu the Baba in a cold morning. Varanasi Dec2012
My friend Monu
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Tue Jan 15, '13 11:41AM
Posted Tue Jan 15, '13 11:41AM
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Fellow photographer Peter Coskun exploring the options for his next composition along the Apache Trail, Superstition Mountains, Arizona.
Peter's work can be seen at:
Along the Apache Trail
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sat Jan 05, '13 12:20PM
Posted Mon Jan 14, '13 02:18PM
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This was taken literally in a back alley on the streets of Guilin.  I have no idea what they were playing, but I did know the gentleman in the back was not doing too well.  There was some good laughter going on by the unknown "Ace" playing the next card.
The Ace
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Thu Sep 23, '10 11:11PM
Posted Mon Jan 14, '13 07:23AM
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A sadhu reads a holy book in Meer Ghat, Varanasi.
Reading holy texts
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Sat Dec 22, '12 10:20PM
Posted Mon Jan 14, '13 06:30AM
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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Washington, D.C., was designed to reflect the national monuments while providing a powerful yet minimalist homage to the American military veterans who were lost in the Vietnam War. Countless photographs exist of the type presented here, and it's always hard to distinguish whether the sharp edifice of names carved in granite is the main focus of these images, or whether the soft background of the reflections from the National Mall is the story. Either way the credit belongs with the architect Maya Lin, who created the concept.
Cold Comfort
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Mon Mar 02, '09 06:18AM
Posted Thu Jan 10, '13 09:39PM
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This photo was taken a little more than a year ago, at the same time as the photo I used in my "Introduce Yourself" gallery. This I think is about as exemplary and expressive as I can photographically be, about the true and awesome power of cupcakes!
The Power of Cupcakes
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sun Dec 05, '10 09:19AM
Posted Sun Jan 06, '13 08:17PM
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If only
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Thu Dec 01, '11 07:20AM
Posted Sat Jan 05, '13 01:05PM
Views 417 / Comments 1
I saw this girl everyday on my walk to work in Lusaka. This day either tiredness or the boringness of what she was reading overcame her.
Tired Egg Seller
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Fri Jul 27, '12 09:36AM
Posted Thu Jan 03, '13 05:28AM
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I love the holidays at times when I get a chance to have time to go back through some of my prior trips and see if I can find some images I missed before.  This was one I picked from my trip to Sa Pa area of northern Vietnam and I had forgot what wonderful eyes she had.  This was taken at sunrise as she was trying to sell me some of her goods...which I did!
Red Hmong Girl, Sa Pa, Vietnam
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Fri Dec 24, '10 12:59PM
Posted Wed Jan 02, '13 05:38AM
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Reading in Varanasi
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Sun Dec 16, '12 09:32PM
Posted Wed Jan 02, '13 02:54AM
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have phone, will travel
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Mon Dec 24, '12 03:27AM
Posted Mon Dec 31, '12 02:26AM
Views 394 / Comments 1
A sadhu finishes his tika getting ready for a new day of devotion to the holy Ganges.
Ready for a new day
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Tue Dec 18, '12 10:15PM
Posted Fri Dec 28, '12 03:26AM
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The ghats of Varanasi are full of colorful saddhus.
Men of the Ghats
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Sun Dec 23, '12 02:49AM
Posted Thu Dec 27, '12 07:42AM
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Old Market - Kandy
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Sat Sep 01, '12 04:48AM
Posted Thu Dec 27, '12 07:42AM
Views 421 / Comments 1
Portrait of Baba Nondu during sunrise in Varanasi.
Sunrise with Baba
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Mon Dec 17, '12 09:26PM
Posted Thu Dec 27, '12 07:41AM
Views 466 / Comments 3
A boy with his horse on the opposite side of the Ganges in Varanasi
Sunset over Varanasi
Photograph © Sergio Carbajo Rodriugez
Captured Mon Dec 17, '12 07:14AM
Posted Thu Dec 27, '12 07:41AM
Views 372 / Comments 1
I find it fascinating the watch the world through somebody elses eyes
Watching the scene
Photograph ©
Captured Sun Apr 15, '12 06:58AM
Posted Thu Dec 13, '12 07:46AM
Views 389 / Comments 1
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