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Tuesday, November 20 2012 @ 01:28 AM EST
New Technology
14th - 20th October 2012
Certainly one of the latest offerings from the Canon family of printers was the Selphy printer that allowed me to take it along on my travels and provide excellent 6X4 prints to many locals.  The technology to print in this manner was truly rewarding and I had so much fun watching the locals see the prints once I was done.  At the Mt Hagen Sing Sing, the wonderful tribe from Pimaga passed around the print I gave them as you see here just prior to the show after they applied their makeup.   Very rewarding.
Pimaga and the Printer
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sat Aug 11, '12 12:48PM
Posted Mon Oct 15, '12 08:01AM
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