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PERSONAL PORTRAITS ONLY. Post a picture of yourself. Title it with your name. Use the description to talk about yourself - passions, interests, personal facts, career, where you've traveled, anything.We want to know you. This gallery is open to ALL TPN registered users. You do not have to be a paid subscriber to post your self portrait and biography.
Hi everyone!
Natalie Nightingale
Photograph © Natalie Nightingale
Captured Fri Jan 29, '16 05:30PM
Posted Fri Jan 29, '16 05:30PM
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Photographer since the age of 16, now traveling the world for stunning photographs.
Marina Andräde
Photograph © Marina Andräde
Captured Wed Sep 23, '15 09:01PM
Posted Wed Sep 23, '15 09:01PM
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Uchisar Castle, Kapadokya, Turkey
Me, at the highest point of Kapadokya
Photograph © Muhamad Eka Ari Pramuditya
Captured Sat Jan 24, '15 01:16PM
Posted Fri Jan 30, '15 11:01AM
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Striving to live
Life along ganges
Photograph © Shefali
Captured Tue Dec 30, '14 04:08PM
Posted Sun Jan 04, '15 02:24AM
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The history untold..
Life along Ganges
Photograph © Shefali
Captured Tue Dec 30, '14 04:14PM
Posted Sun Jan 04, '15 02:24AM
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the sibblings
Life along Ganges
Photograph © Shefali
Captured Tue Dec 30, '14 04:08PM
Posted Sun Jan 04, '15 02:23AM
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Photograph © Linda Katsoulos
Captured Mon Sep 22, '14 11:04AM
Posted Sat Nov 29, '14 02:44PM
Views 349 / Comments 1
A surprise visitor drops on me while taking photographs in Madagascar. I have been lucky enough to make images in well over 100 countries around the world. Please come and take a look at
Simon Hathaway - Travel Photographer
Photograph © Simon Hathaway
Captured Sat Apr 19, '14 02:17PM
Posted Thu Nov 06, '14 10:58AM
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I'm a travel photography instructor and international tour leader.  I've led trips around the world, including to Bhutan, Nepal, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Central Europe, Cambodia, Mexico and the U.S., plus I've led 11 People-to-People programs to Cuba.  I have an iPhone app that I created called My Shot Lists for Travel, and it helps photographers of all skill levels to bring back a well-organized and varied set of images from any destination (find it on iTunes).  My latest eBook is called "Essence of a Place: A Travel Photographer's Guide to Using a Shot List for Capturing Any Destination" and can be found at  Please feel free to have a look at my website at and just Google my name for links to all my social media outlets.  Now get out and shoot!
Ralph Velasco by Jenny McMasters.jpg
Photograph © Ralph Velasco
Captured Tue Oct 27, '09 11:09AM
Posted Tue Jul 08, '14 07:37PM
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52 countries and counting.  When I'm not travelling, I'm writing about it on  I'm not a pro.  I'm just having fun...
My best friend.
Photograph © Scott Wilkins
Captured Tue Jan 03, '12 07:09AM
Posted Sun Jun 15, '14 01:26PM
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I'm back into photography as a serious hobby after several decades doing other stuff.
George hanging out on the mountain.
Photograph © George L Ball
Captured Fri Oct 12, '12 02:33PM
Posted Sun Apr 13, '14 12:22PM
Views 283 / Comments 1
I am a Sydney based photographer. I have been living and travelling through Europe for the last few years. I work as a professional photographer but my passion is travel photography
Hi I am Meriaam
Photograph © Meriaam Mikhail
Captured Sun Feb 16, '14 04:34PM
Posted Sun Feb 16, '14 04:34PM
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New to Travel Photography
Bony Sahni
Photograph © Bony Sahni
Captured Fri Jan 31, '14 09:51PM
Posted Fri Jan 31, '14 09:51PM
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I am a retired Kentucky State Photographer (State Government) 31 years.  I was also a stringer for AP (Associated Press) and I also supplied many photos to UPI and all newspapers in KY.  I have had countless photos published in many issues of the KY State Travel Magazine and Travel Pamphlet's, as well as several different Highway Engineering Magazines and official KY State Road Map Covers.  I also had a photo published in Southern Living Magazine, and a front page photo in USA Today Newspaper.  My photos of Governors, famous people and events are part of the KY History Section at our State Library and Archives in our Capitol City of Frankfort, KY.  I have Photographed IMG in a lot of the World, England, Whales, Scotland as well as Hawaii, Viet Nam, Tokyo and the Caribbean, including; Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Caymans, Grand Turk, US Virgin Is., Porte Rico, and Tulum Mexico.  Being from the US, I have photographed scenes all over North America, including Alaska.  I love to travel, but I especially love to shoot all the beautiful scenes I see everywhere I look.  I have not had any IMG published since I retired and am not trying to do so.  I would however, travel and shoot for clients if hired to do so.  I studied Photojournalism/Photography at Famous Photographers School, Westport, Conn. Class of 69. Richard H. Upchurch
Photograph © Richard H. Upchurch
Captured Mon Jan 27, '14 12:00PM
Posted Mon Jan 27, '14 12:00PM
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Hello friends, this is to introduce myself. I am an amateur photographer trying hard to be a travel photographer/writer. its good to be connected to you all.
Prashant Rana
+91-9999 699 237
Prashant Rana
Photograph © Prashant Rana
Captured Wed Jan 15, '14 01:38PM
Posted Wed Jan 15, '14 01:38PM
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Hiking the high country
Photograph ©
Captured Mon Oct 28, '13 10:40AM
Posted Mon Oct 28, '13 10:40AM
Views 378 / Comments 1
Hi all, Travel photography is my biggest passion, I try to go away several times a year with a focus on photography, much to the disdain of anyone else traveling with me that isn't so keen on photography
Travelin' Matt
Photograph © Matthew Morris
Captured Sat Jan 24, '09 06:11PM
Posted Sun Oct 20, '13 07:00AM
Views 367 / Comments 1
Nadia Abossein
Photograph ©
Captured Wed Sep 18, '13 03:22PM
Posted Wed Sep 18, '13 03:22PM
Views 1177 / Comments 1
HI,i'm rashani from srilanka-An Engineer/Fashion Designer....Love to travel With the Camera...
Rashani Weerakoon
Photograph © rashani weerakoon
Captured Fri Aug 16, '13 02:25AM
Posted Fri Aug 16, '13 05:58AM
Views 824 / Comments 6
Hi! Photo:Self Portrait by Trayson Conner
I think of my life as a story. I think about how that story is unfolding and how people will look at it later, through my photography. I want my photos – everything from lighthouses and seascapes to mountains and doorways – to tell my story and to tell it creatively. I don’t draw or paint, but the day I picked up a camera, I suddenly realized I had found my artistic outlet and, like any art form, my photography – my art – is extremely personal. When I look at my photos, I reminisce, reliving the experience of each one. I hope others will “live? through my photographs as well. While it’s true that everyone won’t like everything I have to offer, I believe everyone will like something.
I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, jeeping, kayaking and just being part of the environment. As an adventurer, as well as an artist, I always have a camera with me, but never carry any expectations about what I might discover. Everyone stops occasionally to appreciate the scenery, but I like to ask what it is about that scenery that makes us say, WOW! I find that those ‘wows’ are always just around the corner. I shoot, and then shoot some more, until I’ve shot every angle possible. My subjects are varied – random, unrelated, spontaneous and natural. I’m always on the lookout for that new perspective on a familiar subject – I look for it not only through the lens, but in life in general.
Trayson Conner
Photograph © Trayson Conner
Captured Fri Aug 21, '09 04:51AM
Posted Fri Aug 02, '13 11:18PM
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British guy married to a Finn, speaks Chinese, lives in China, drives a German car, takes photos with a Japanese camera. I offer photography tours of Guilin, China on my website
Andy Beales
Photograph © Andy Beales
Captured Tue Jul 30, '13 12:14PM
Posted Tue Jul 30, '13 12:14PM
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My Name is Kristina. I have taken photos as a hobby as well as a means to capture life's moments for as long as I can remember. My passion is in Travel photography and Photojournalism. I am a Nursing student and I hope to keep taking pictures that display emotions.
Photograph ©
Captured Thu Jun 20, '13 08:59PM
Posted Thu Jun 20, '13 08:59PM
Views 454 / Comments 2
amateur photographer
Lili Ghirisan - Romania
Photograph © Ghirisan Liliana
Captured Fri Aug 17, '12 02:17PM
Posted Sat Jun 01, '13 02:07PM
Views 465 / Comments 4
IT engineer who is passionate about design and photography, coffee lovers, hobbies sleep, and occasionally also traveling with family and friends -- from indonesia ^_^
Photograph © yudha
Captured Sat Oct 06, '12 10:20PM
Posted Tue Apr 09, '13 08:54PM
Views 1669 / Comments 3
I'm just a girl with camera,I love to travel and taking pictures mostly Landscapes,cityscapes and some portraiture, I have been traveling to some beautiful countries such as Argentina,Chile,China,USA,England,Malaysia,Indonesia,Nepal,Bahrain,Qatar,Dubai,Japan,Singapore,Australia for the last 8 years.
Helminadia Ranford
Photograph © Helminadia Ranford
Captured Sun Mar 24, '13 06:36PM
Posted Mon Mar 25, '13 03:53PM
Views 532 / Comments 3
Learning to be a great woman ~ Female IT Network Engineer | Coffee | Photography | Backpacking | Snorkeling ~
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sun Mar 03, '13 07:31AM
Posted Sun Mar 03, '13 09:42PM
Views 519 / Comments 2
@ Mines View Park, Philippines Summer Capital
Doc Alfie
Photograph © Dr. Danny Alfaras
Captured Sat Mar 02, '13 07:47PM
Posted Sat Mar 02, '13 07:47PM
Views 491 / Comments 1
Taken on the wahiba sands, Oman. Emiratis had just pulled in with a sparkling mercedes G500. I was having gahwah in the hut.
Emiratis and lamp
Photograph © Sarah Walton
Captured Tue Jun 29, '10 05:58AM
Posted Tue Feb 26, '13 05:21AM
Views 489 / Comments 2
Amateur photographer who loves photography and food. For my job I book photo shoots for food products, so the perfect job really. I get to work with the best food photographers in England and sometimes abroad.
Richard Gordon
Photograph © Richard Gordon
Captured Sun Feb 24, '13 02:10PM
Posted Sun Feb 24, '13 02:10PM
Views 526 / Comments 1
After many (more than 7) active membership in NPN I've changed to TPN today. I hope I will not bore you with my photographs and hope on most honest comments & critique. Feel free to criticize, if you feel that my work it not up to good photography standards and tell me what you like or dislike, I will appreciate it. Thank you.
Miro Susta
Photograph © Miro Susta
Captured Thu Aug 18, '11 10:45AM
Posted Sun Feb 10, '13 01:07AM
Views 528 / Comments 5
Photograph © Pop Petru Laurentiu
Captured Fri Feb 10, '12 11:33AM
Posted Tue Feb 05, '13 05:25AM
Views 529 / Comments 4
I am a professional photographer and a passionate traveler. In my photography I am focused on capturing beautiful cityscapes and especially love taking night pictures.
Anna Kovaleva
Photograph © Anna Kovaleva
Captured Wed Jan 02, '13 04:07AM
Posted Wed Jan 02, '13 04:07AM
Views 615 / Comments 5
Sailing from New Zealand to Vanuatu June 2012.  It's about a thousand miles and at the speed we travel that's about 8 days.  My wife and I have spent the past 2 seasons in Vanuatu and will probably return again in 2013.
Tenaya 500 miles north of New Zealand
Photograph © James Thomsen
Captured Mon Dec 03, '12 06:52AM
Posted Mon Dec 03, '12 06:52AM
Views 564 / Comments 6
On the remote island of Tanna in Vanuatu few people have a picture of themselves or their family.  Over the past 2 years I have spent a lot of time photographing the people of Vanuatu, but nothing is better than printing a family photo for these wonderful people.
Tanna family photograph
Photograph © James Thomsen
Captured Mon Dec 03, '12 05:50AM
Posted Mon Dec 03, '12 05:50AM
Views 552 / Comments 2
Photograph © Kantilal Doobal
Captured Wed Nov 21, '12 06:20AM
Posted Wed Nov 21, '12 06:20AM
Views 1391 / Comments 2
Photograph © Kantilal Doobal
Captured Wed Nov 21, '12 06:20AM
Posted Wed Nov 21, '12 06:20AM
Views 924 / Comments 0
Photograph © Kantilal Doobal
Captured Fri Dec 03, '10 07:52AM
Posted Wed Nov 21, '12 06:20AM
Views 958 / Comments 4
Giuseppe Saitta
Photograph © Giuseppe Saitta
Captured Fri Feb 05, '10 03:09AM
Posted Sun Nov 11, '12 06:07PM
Views 632 / Comments 5
Artist, photographer and free lance artist living in Hawaii. My website is
Noel Morata
Photograph © noel morata
Captured Sun Aug 28, '11 12:09PM
Posted Mon Nov 05, '12 09:14PM
Views 550 / Comments 2
Photograph ©
Captured Fri Jun 08, '12 09:04PM
Posted Sun Nov 04, '12 04:36PM
Views 644 / Comments 2
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