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Thursday, June 11 2015 @ 04:33 AM EDT
Roger Maki

Flowers and Insects
Flowers and Insects
Blooms, bugs, and other stuff
(18) Images
Views 3473
Updated Sun Feb 12, '12 12:57PM
A collection of miscellaneous travel photos taken over the years
(57) Images
Views 7952
Updated Sat May 26, '12 08:54PM
South Africa
South Africa
Photos in and around Cape Town and the Thornybush Game Reserve
(21) Images
Views 2205
Updated Sat Aug 25, '12 04:49AM
Wild and captive animals
(31) Images
Views 3709
Updated Sun May 05, '13 10:34AM
American Adventure: U.S. 50 Coast-to-Coast
American Adventure: U.S. 50 Coast-to-Coast
(29) Images
Views 2071
Updated Sat Oct 12, '13 08:12PM
Rhine Rhapsody
Rhine Rhapsody
Photos from a Viking River Cruise along the Rhine and Moselle rivers, including visits to Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and France.
(34) Images
Views 61
Updated Tue Jun 02, '15 06:24PM
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