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Thursday, January 29 2015 @ 01:20 PM EST
People & Portrait
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People of Goba in the Oromo region of Ethiopia are naturally friendly and always wear their smile wherever they go.
Smiles of Goba
Photograph © Dr. Danny Alfaras
Captured Wed May 07, '14 10:16AM
Posted Wed May 07, '14 10:16AM
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Hello Everyone!  

I know - been away for an age.  I really do have to get myself sorted out and back on track again.  

I took this at Mayburugh Henge near Penrith in Cumbria back at the start of the year - I was looking for answers in the stones, why life was being so difficult and challenging... almost to the point of asking the ancestors - or anyone - for help.  Less than a fortnight later my Mum finally lost her long fight with cancer, and everything went dark.

This photograph, I think, captures that feeling of loss and despair which was to come as no real surprise with hindsight, and I like that about it.  It was taken with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 and 9-18mm zoom lens at 9mm (equivalent to 18mm on full frame), hand held (upside down and triggered with my thumb).
C'est Moi
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Tue Jan 14, '14 02:21PM
Posted Wed Apr 30, '14 04:37PM
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This young couple was on the ferry between Sydney, Vancouver Island, BC and Anacortes, Washington. After taking some pictures of them without their knowledge, I showed them and offered to send them copies. They were so grateful. This was a last vacation for them before moving off to Europe to do research at an institute in Germany.
Summer Lovers
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Thu Aug 25, '11 10:41PM
Posted Thu Apr 03, '14 08:48PM
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Would you trade with this gold trader in Sulawesi, Indonesia?   In a market in the Toraja Region.  Check out his glasses closely.
Make You a Deal
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Thu Jan 02, '14 08:26AM
Posted Mon Mar 03, '14 07:42AM
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Henna - 16th Birthday (v2)
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Mon Jan 20, '14 09:43AM
Posted Mon Jan 20, '14 09:43AM
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One of my students trying to hide from the cold in an early morning shoot
A cold morning
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sat Dec 28, '13 09:10AM
Posted Mon Jan 06, '14 12:41PM
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I was hired to photograph an Indian teenager's 16th birthday party. What an amazing experience. Lots of fun. Lots of dancing. Amazing food.
Henna - 16th Birthday
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Sat Oct 19, '13 07:43PM
Posted Fri Dec 20, '13 06:49PM
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Couple with dog all with backpacks heading out into the desert mountains of Southern Israel
A long day ahead
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Fri Nov 29, '13 06:47AM
Posted Sun Dec 01, '13 08:04AM
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Photograph © rashani weerakoon
Captured Sat Sep 28, '13 09:03AM
Posted Wed Nov 27, '13 05:15AM
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On a recent trip to Mumbai, I visited the area made "aware" in the Slumdog Millionaire movie.   Here is a little boy in a single room place looking out with a nice warm smile.
Slumdog Millionaire in Wait
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sun Apr 21, '13 01:29PM
Posted Fri Nov 08, '13 11:22PM
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Friday afternoon, and dressed up in her colourful (and patriotic dress, the same colours as the South African flag) this lass was a blaze of cheerfulness on the ocean boulevard
Friday afternoon colour in Port Nolloth
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Wed Nov 06, '13 11:34AM
Posted Thu Nov 07, '13 06:46AM
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A biodanzer class at the Buddhist Retreat centre in Ixopo in Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa
Colour and movement...
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Wed Nov 06, '13 11:38AM
Posted Wed Nov 06, '13 04:52AM
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srilanka-taken at Old dutch fort galle
Photograph © rashani weerakoon
Captured Mon Jan 14, '13 09:50AM
Posted Sun Aug 18, '13 11:39AM
Views 360 / Comments 2
srilanka-taken at Old dutch fort galle
Photograph © rashani weerakoon
Captured Sat Aug 10, '13 08:55AM
Posted Sun Aug 18, '13 11:39AM
Views 459 / Comments 3
Srilanka-Taken at kelaniya temple
Photograph © rashani weerakoon
Captured Tue Jun 19, '12 07:22AM
Posted Sat Aug 17, '13 11:05PM
Views 362 / Comments 2
Srilanka-Taken at old dutch fort ,galle,
Photograph © rashani weerakoon
Captured Mon Jan 14, '13 09:15AM
Posted Sat Aug 17, '13 11:05PM
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Srilanka-Taken at kelaniya temple
An Achiever
Photograph © rashani weerakoon
Captured Sun May 20, '12 09:11AM
Posted Sat Aug 17, '13 11:05PM
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A young boy baiting his hook and really concentrating as not to getting hooked himself
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Fri Jul 26, '13 08:00AM
Posted Mon Aug 12, '13 04:32PM
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While photographing the cows being herded through the village streets this guy ran directly through my shot. I like it
Work and Leisure
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sun Jul 07, '13 08:15AM
Posted Mon Aug 05, '13 12:03AM
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I took this photo this morning at the Caroline County (Maryland) Threshermen's Show.  I asked these young men for permission before I took their picture since they are either Mennonite's or Amish, and I didn't want to offend them.  What do you think of the way that I rendered this image as an old sepia-toned photo?  I have the original color photo, a black & white version, and a "clean" sepia version.  The Threshermen's Show features many new, old, and antique tractors and other farm equipment, especially the old steam driven types of vehicles and machinery.
Future Farmers
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Sat Aug 03, '13 10:23AM
Posted Sat Aug 03, '13 07:20PM
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Debus is an art from Banten, Indonesia related to the science of invulnerability and reflects the attitude of resistance typical in Banten culture. It is a form of invulnerability to sharp objects; a supernatural force that provides resistance to sharp objects, beatings and burns.
Debus Attraction
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sat Jul 06, '13 10:10PM
Posted Fri Aug 02, '13 04:58AM
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Nothing special. Me standing at a clock post in Pickwick Plaza in Greenwich, CT. This plaza is part of an office complex at the top of Greenwich Ave. Greenwich Ave is the "5th Ave of Connecticut" for those familiar with New York City's famous 5th Ave stores for the affluent shopper.
Self Portrait, Greenwich, CT
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Wed May 08, '13 06:51PM
Posted Mon Jul 01, '13 12:52PM
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The image was taken at a restaurant in KayaKoy Turkey showing the traditional way to cook pancakes.
Lady Preparing Pancakes
Photograph ©
Captured Fri Jun 21, '13 10:13AM
Posted Thu Jun 27, '13 05:46AM
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I took this image of my friend's son on a whim.
Innocent Eyes
Photograph ©
Captured Tue Aug 07, '12 06:38PM
Posted Thu Jun 20, '13 09:10PM
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this young surfer was ripping the waves and I caught him with this image almost a shadow in the reflected light..
shadows in the surf
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Mon Jun 10, '13 07:02AM
Posted Wed Jun 19, '13 03:59AM
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I was on a shoot in Durbans harbour when I saw this lass sitting in the morning sun, reading, relaxing and generally just chilling..
breakwater break
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Thu Jun 13, '13 11:46AM
Posted Wed Jun 19, '13 03:59AM
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people's movement against monopolies and land grabs - Jakarta, June 4th 2013
resist the monopoly and land grabbing
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Tue Jun 04, '13 09:26AM
Posted Thu Jun 06, '13 01:43AM
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an elderly woman who counts little money...
old women
Photograph © Ghirisan Liliana
Captured Wed Feb 23, '11 10:41AM
Posted Wed Jun 05, '13 01:39AM
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Beautiful blue eyes...
A little baby girl
Photograph © Ghirisan Liliana
Captured Wed Jun 05, '13 01:35AM
Posted Wed Jun 05, '13 01:35AM
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A poor and old man...
The old man
Photograph © Ghirisan Liliana
Captured Wed Jun 05, '13 01:32AM
Posted Wed Jun 05, '13 01:32AM
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During a recent trip to photograph the annual horseshoe crab egg laying frenzy along the Delaware seashore, we accidentally stumbled upon a group of Buddhists who were conducting a "Blessing of the Horseshoe Crabs" ceremony.
Monk #3
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Sat May 25, '13 08:59AM
Posted Mon Jun 03, '13 05:01PM
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two paddlers heading towards the ocean on the Mtentu River, no rush...
a lazy day in Africa
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sat May 25, '13 06:52AM
Posted Sun Jun 02, '13 02:42AM
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a lone paddler in the Mtentu River at sunset... this stunning location is found on the Wild Coast in South Africa
sunset paddler
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sat May 25, '13 04:54PM
Posted Sun Jun 02, '13 02:42AM
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this incredible bit of art celebrating Nelson Mandela is found outside Lions River in SA, commemorating the spot he was captured in. It is a series of Steel poles all slightly different shape and height, which, when viewed from one particular angle and elevation show Madibas face... the artist really thought out of the box here..
Monument to Madiba
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sat May 11, '13 11:15AM
Posted Mon May 13, '13 02:51PM
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I'm currently taking a short, six-week adult continuing education photography course called Beyond Digital.  This week's assignment was to take photographs of people who are framed by windows, doors, or other elements in the photo.  I shot this photo this past Saturday during the annual Oxford Day parade in Oxford, MD.  I was attempting to use shallow depth-of-field to isolate this boy from his surrounding band members, so that the blurred foreground figures would serve as the framing device.  I think his horn also works to help frame his face.  It was just luck that I took the photo while the boy's cheeks were puffed up.
Band Boy
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Sat Apr 27, '13 10:12AM
Posted Tue Apr 30, '13 04:37AM
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Ethiopian elder
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Fri Apr 26, '13 08:54AM
Posted Fri Apr 26, '13 02:27PM
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I accidentally took this photo when I was taking photos of the scenery, suddenly I saw people were fishing on the beach, I just replace me with a telephoto lens.
and fortunately for me, the people seem to be getting the fish .. Strike!!
strikeee !!!
Photograph © yudha
Captured Sun Apr 21, '13 10:37PM
Posted Sun Apr 21, '13 10:37PM
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This man was taken from the hip as I walked by in central Mumbai and he happened to look towards me.  I did a Silver Efx Pro Pinhole filter to give it this effect and kept the slanted view as I liked it.  Tried some cropping, etc....but ended up liking it this way.
Man in Mumbai
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sat Apr 13, '13 07:21PM
Posted Sat Apr 20, '13 07:46AM
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When taking a trip down the Baja, we encountered a wonderful small village sitting in an oasis in the desert.  A little boy was sitting in a store and could not help snapping this Yankees fan!
A Boy from Mexico
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sat Mar 08, '08 04:01PM
Posted Wed Apr 10, '13 09:21AM
Views 356 / Comments 1
I took this photo last week in when traveled to Demak, Central Java, Indonesia. They're running around me :)
Boys after school
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sat Apr 06, '13 10:03AM
Posted Tue Apr 09, '13 02:25AM
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