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Wednesday, April 16 2014 @ 06:10 AM EDT
Travel & Outdoor
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This is the very bottom of Cunningham Falls, which is on Big Hunting Creek in Cunningham Falls State Park near Thurmont, MD.  I was on a photo shoot with three friends from Easton, MD's Tidewater Camera Club.  I used a variable ND filter to help slow the camera's shutter speed for this shot.
Foot of the Falls
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Wed Jul 24, '13 10:34AM
Posted Sun Jul 28, '13 06:00AM
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Here's another existing light shot from deep inside Virginia's Luray Caverns.
Luray Caverns Redux
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Tue Jul 09, '13 08:19AM
Posted Fri Jul 19, '13 07:31PM
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Plitvice Lakes, Croatia.
Photograph ©
Captured Fri Jul 12, '13 09:22AM
Posted Fri Jul 12, '13 09:22AM
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I took this photo two days ago in Virginia's Luray Caverns.  I decided to post this image because including the people in the shot adds scale.  I've always found it to be very difficult to photograph within caves, especially in the old days of film.  Adjustable ISO digital cameras make the process a whole lot easier.
Luray Caverns
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Tue Jul 09, '13 08:29AM
Posted Thu Jul 11, '13 05:05PM
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This group of visitors tried for 15 minutes to get a picture with all the girls jumping in the air at once. I patiently waited to get my own picture with no one in it. My wife eventually had to ask them if they would step aside so we could get our picture. They did so willingly. I couldn't help taking their picture while I waited. Quite frankly I think this picture makes a better story than the one with no one in it. What do you think?
The Breakers, Newport RI
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Thu May 16, '13 12:13PM
Posted Mon Jul 01, '13 12:32PM
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An acacia tree at sunset, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.
Among the Acacias
Photograph ©
Captured Mon Jun 09, '08 05:03PM
Posted Mon Jul 01, '13 09:19AM
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This farm is operated by the University of Maryland. The clouds and open space attracted me to stop and photograph the scene. What do you think?
Maryland Agricultural Farm
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Sat Jun 15, '13 02:13PM
Posted Mon Jun 24, '13 09:20AM
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This was taken during a trip to The Georgia Aquarium.
The Shadow
Photograph ©
Captured Tue Aug 31, '10 12:21PM
Posted Thu Jun 20, '13 09:03PM
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the Buddhist Retreat outside of Ixopo in South Africa was recently rated by CNN as one of the top Buddhist retreats in the world. Here is the Stupa illustrated by a winter sunset, surrounded by aloes in full bloom..
sunset colours
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Fri Jun 14, '13 04:53PM
Posted Wed Jun 19, '13 03:52AM
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 Cornelius Vanderbilt II, became Chairman and President of the New York Central Railroad system in 1885, and purchased a wooden house called The Breakers in Newport during that same year. In 1893, he commissioned architect Richard Morris Hunt to design a villa to replace the earlier wood-framed house which was destroyed by fire the previous year. Hunt directed an international team of craftsmen and artisans to create a 70 room Italian Renaissance- style palazzo inspired by the 16th century palaces of Genoa and Turin. Allard and Sons of Paris assisted Hunt with furnishings and fixtures, Austro-American sculptor Karl Bitter designed relief sculpture, and Boston architect Ogden Codman decorated the family quarters. 

The Vanderbilts had seven children. Their youngest daughter, Gladys, who married Count Laszlo Szechenyi of Hungary, inherited the house on her mother's death in 1934. An ardent supporter of The Preservation Society of Newport County, she opened The Breakers in 1948 to raise funds for the Society. In 1972, the Preservation Society purchased the house from her heirs. Today, the house is designated a National Historic Landmark.
The Breakers - Newport, RI
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Thu May 16, '13 12:10PM
Posted Thu Jun 13, '13 04:45PM
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This truck driver must have a great sense of humor. Check out the toy bulldozer strapped down to the trailer. I took this in 2005 on the way to work one morning. I just happened to have my camera on the passenger seat next to me.
A Sense of Humor
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Thu Mar 31, '05 07:49AM
Posted Wed Jun 12, '13 09:34AM
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I was struck by the layering of colors and textures in this area of Delaware's Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
Bombay Hook #3
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Sat May 25, '13 06:04AM
Posted Sun Jun 09, '13 05:13PM
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Pondoland, part of the Wild Coast area of South Africa, beautiful, sparely populated, poor, and wild......   (I know I shouldn't post 2 images in the same category, but I will be away for a while after this..)
Pondoland paradise..
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun May 26, '13 08:16AM
Posted Sun Jun 02, '13 02:37AM
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situated on the Wild Coast of South Africa, this totally isolated beach, close top the Mtentu River mouth is indicative of the beauty of the place.
the isolated beach
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun May 26, '13 09:13AM
Posted Sun Jun 02, '13 02:37AM
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Jomblang Cave, Jogyakarta, Indonesia
The Light of God
Photograph ©
Captured Sat Aug 25, '12 12:29PM
Posted Wed May 29, '13 07:08AM
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This Japanese Garden is definitely off the beaten path. First you have to take a ferry from the mainland to Martha's Vineyard. Then you have to take the "Chappy Ferry" over to Chappaquiddick Island. Then you have to drive to the end of the paved road. Then you have to drive down the unpaved road. But when you get there, the return is well worth the investment. (
Mytoi Japanese Gardens
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Mon May 13, '13 02:18PM
Posted Tue May 28, '13 09:57AM
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The Lions River in the Midlands (KZN in South Africa) framed by rising mist on a winters morning
Lions river on a misty morn
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun May 12, '13 06:36AM
Posted Tue May 21, '13 09:06AM
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This is the Cliffside Inn in Newport, Rhode Island. We just spent several nights here while visiting the Gilded Age mansions. Can't say enough good things about this inn, the owners and the staff.
Cliffside Inn - Newport, RI
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Thu May 16, '13 08:15PM
Posted Thu May 16, '13 09:21PM
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a misty morning scene in the KZN Midlands, I was struck by the bench below the tree and the way it is dwarfed in size... the mist added a little extra in my opinion...
the bench and the tree..
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun May 12, '13 06:38AM
Posted Mon May 13, '13 02:55PM
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a cold early winter morning in the midlands region of KZN South Africa, looking towards the Drakensberg mountains
looking to the mountains
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun May 12, '13 11:12AM
Posted Mon May 13, '13 02:47PM
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I recently took a trip to Pamukkale in Turkey as it was very high in my bucket list. I was as amazed as I expected by this "cotton castle" ("pamuk - kale" in turkish). When the sun hits the white travertines, the rocks start shimmering like snow or ice, and those lovely turquoise blue hot springs are a no-miss.
Cotton Castle
Photograph © Alice Kabanoff
Captured Sun Apr 07, '13 11:00AM
Posted Fri Apr 12, '13 05:09AM
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South of Guilin and along my favorite river in the world, the Li River, is the town of Yangshou sitting among the giant karsts.  This is from one of the tops of a karst...painfully, and I converted to mono using Nik Software Silver Efx Pro.   It is a little bit of heaven...Chinese style.
Yangshou, China
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sun Oct 03, '10 06:59PM
Posted Wed Apr 10, '13 09:08AM
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Bengkulu is on the western island of Sumatra, directly adjacent to the western Sumatra and Lampung.
Bengkulu province is dominated by beach directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, so it has many attractions or sights associated with the beach, ocean and sunset
sunset ...
Photograph © yudha
Captured Tue Feb 28, '12 10:22AM
Posted Tue Apr 09, '13 08:37PM
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Lawang sewu is a landmark in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Lawang Sewu means "Thousand Doors". It was designed with numerous doors and arcs, began in 1904 and finished in 1919. This building was used by the Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij, the national railway of the Dutch East Indies.
Lawang Sewu
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sat Apr 06, '13 02:13PM
Posted Tue Apr 09, '13 03:24AM
Views 286 / Comments 1
The Immanuel Protestant Church of Western Indonesia, known as Blenduk Church (Gereja Blenduk) is a Protestant church in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Blenduk was established in 1753 , it is the oldest church in the province. Although meant for Protestants, Catholics also used it until the first Catholic church in the city was built.
Blenduk Church
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sun Apr 07, '13 02:13PM
Posted Tue Apr 09, '13 03:21AM
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I was testing my new camera and this wonderful laid back view of the ocean at New Pier in Durban just asked (very politely) to be caught for posterity...
tropical... well not really
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Thu Mar 28, '13 10:43AM
Posted Sat Apr 06, '13 08:02AM
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The very end of sunset on one of Normandy's giant beaches, as the tide was slowly receding
A few minutes to darkness
Photograph © Alice Kabanoff
Captured Mon Feb 18, '13 06:56PM
Posted Thu Apr 04, '13 07:46AM
Views 288 / Comments 1
Took this image from laguna Capri camp early morning
Monte Fitz Roy,Argentina
Photograph © Helminadia Ranford
Captured Mon Apr 09, '12 07:18PM
Posted Mon Mar 25, '13 03:58PM
Views 698 / Comments 5
The open daily fresh fish market in the old city of Acco
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Fri Mar 22, '13 09:07AM
Posted Mon Mar 25, '13 12:25AM
Views 318 / Comments 1
Full moon under the Eiffel tower
Moonlit Eiffel
Photograph © Alice Kabanoff
Captured Tue Dec 25, '12 01:08PM
Posted Fri Mar 22, '13 05:02PM
Views 290 / Comments 3
Looking upstream on the Mississippi River from the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.
Mississippi River
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Mon Nov 07, '11 11:55AM
Posted Fri Mar 22, '13 03:35PM
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Ŝingvellir national park in Iceland
Photograph © Alice Kabanoff
Captured Sun Jan 20, '13 11:13AM
Posted Wed Mar 20, '13 05:44AM
Views 310 / Comments 2
Subang Regency Arts Society, Sisingaan is a type of art or traditional performing arts of the people who made the procession in the form of a Bulk. The show usually displayed at the ceremony khitanan or special occasions such as welcoming guests, entertainment, dedication, Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia and other large activities. The etimologis, sisingaan comes from the word "lion", that is a form of go-cart that looks like a lion body. Why should the form of a lion? It seems that the animal lion symbolizes courage, strength and courage.
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sun Mar 17, '13 07:57AM
Posted Sun Mar 17, '13 10:13PM
Views 289 / Comments 1
During my trip last week to Melbourne, I stopped by one of the well known alley where griffiti is allowed and many artists doing their thing.  This is the same corner I placed a picture on TPN about two years ago and what a change.   I decided with this to do a little selective coloring with the artwork on the left and mono the remaining area.   This is in downtown Melbourne and next to a wonderful tapa's restaurant called Movidas.
Graffiti Alley, Melbourne
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Mon Mar 04, '13 10:52AM
Posted Sun Mar 17, '13 09:04AM
Views 326 / Comments 2
Open air daily market on the Road between Colombo and Kandy Sri -Lanka
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Tue Jan 15, '13 01:30PM
Posted Sun Mar 17, '13 02:17AM
Views 249 / Comments 0
Tel - Aviv Museum
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Mon Feb 04, '13 07:28AM
Posted Wed Mar 13, '13 07:58AM
Views 244 / Comments 0
One of my favorite drives in the world is west of Melbourne and is called the Great Ocean Road.  The highlight of the trip are the 12 Apostles near Port Campbell, although there are fewer than 12 now due to constant erosion from the strong surf.   This is at sunset.
12 Apostles on Great Ocean Road
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sun Mar 10, '13 12:39PM
Posted Mon Mar 11, '13 04:09PM
Views 381 / Comments 4
Almond trees along the Lebanese border with Israel
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Wed Feb 20, '13 04:48AM
Posted Mon Mar 11, '13 03:38PM
Views 300 / Comments 3
seen two people who were running on the coast Krui
Sunset at the beach Krui - West Lampung Indonesia
Photograph © Elstyin Eko Vrifana
Captured Sat Feb 04, '12 01:13PM
Posted Fri Mar 08, '13 05:39PM
Views 323 / Comments 3
Location: Karangsong beach in Indramayu, Indonesia
Sunday morning on the fishpond
Photograph © Iyo
Captured Sun Mar 03, '13 01:55AM
Posted Mon Mar 04, '13 09:03PM
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