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Thursday, August 25 2016 @ 12:37 PM EDT
Travel & Outdoor
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My family attended the wedding of an old college friend in Cancun last weekend, and got some beach time in. I managed to pull off this mother and daughter portrait at sunset.
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Fri Nov 11, '11 04:04PM
Posted Tue Nov 15, '11 09:59PM
Views 746 / Comments 7
Looking down 1800 feet to the Colorado River. Watch your step!
Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Mon May 12, '08 08:51AM
Posted Tue Nov 15, '11 08:40PM
Views 575 / Comments 2
Sani Marina Lighthouse
Tidal Wave......May Day
Photograph © Fokion L Zissiadis
Captured Tue Nov 15, '11 10:16AM
Posted Tue Nov 15, '11 03:52PM
Views 2372 / Comments 2
Sani Marina
Autumn Calmness
Photograph © Fokion L Zissiadis
Captured Tue Nov 15, '11 10:05AM
Posted Tue Nov 15, '11 03:52PM
Views 1761 / Comments 2
Cave Creek, AZ
Got this one not too far from home on a hike with a Saturday hiking group. The saguaros are pretty thick in some areas and it has a very nice riparian area that is nice and cool.
Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sat Nov 12, '11 12:57PM
Posted Mon Nov 14, '11 12:05PM
Views 502 / Comments 3
HDR and I Played with the colors and I like it. What do you think?
Windpoint Lighthouse in Racine, WI
Photograph © Cindy Garwood
Captured Sun Nov 13, '11 08:50PM
Posted Sun Nov 13, '11 09:50PM
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We just got back from CO and this is my first Pano that I did in Photoshop.  We are looking to buy property and this would be our view.
Mt. Princeton in CO.
Photograph © Cindy Garwood
Captured Sun Nov 13, '11 08:39PM
Posted Sun Nov 13, '11 09:39PM
Views 458 / Comments 2
I just returned from a 16 day trip to the mountains in the province of Sichuan in China.  I picked this time of year due to the autumn colors that I understood flourished in the region.   It did not disappoint me.   This was taken at Jiuzhai Gou National Park north of Chengdu at Mirror Lake.   I realize the rule of thirds are shot here....but sometimes I love symmetry!
Jiuzhai Gou National Park, Sichuan Province, China
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Wed Oct 19, '11 06:06AM
Posted Sat Nov 12, '11 09:07AM
Views 636 / Comments 4
View through a portal on a covered bridge in Maine.
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sat Oct 14, '06 11:56AM
Posted Wed Nov 09, '11 10:06PM
Views 488 / Comments 2
an HDR view of our Botanical Gardens, please let me know what you think, I'm still experimenting with HDR....
botanic gardens
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Tue Nov 08, '11 12:50AM
Posted Tue Nov 08, '11 06:19AM
Views 538 / Comments 6
I took this during a Tidewater Camera Club (Easton, MD) field trip to Adkins Arboretum near the town of Ridgely in Caroline County, MD.  I created the ripples with a well-tossed pebble.  Sigma SD14, Sigma 18-250mm OS @ 18mm, ISO 800, f/4.5, 1/50s, hand held.
Rippled Reflection
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Sun Oct 30, '11 02:35PM
Posted Sun Nov 06, '11 07:14PM
Views 469 / Comments 1
Photograph © Fokion L Zissiadis
Captured Sat Nov 05, '11 09:02AM
Posted Sun Nov 06, '11 09:01AM
Views 451 / Comments 6
This was taken on Holy Island in March 2011. It is part of the project I am currently working, called 'The Meaning Of Trees' (probably...)
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Thu Nov 03, '11 09:33AM
Posted Thu Nov 03, '11 09:33AM
Views 476 / Comments 5
San Jose de Gracia de Las Trampas, New Mexico. Located on the High Road to Taos, this church was constructed in 1780, but is still in use today.
San Jose de Gracia
Photograph © Joe Becker
Captured Fri Sep 23, '11 02:07PM
Posted Thu Nov 03, '11 12:19AM
Views 444 / Comments 2
Three elements ....Sun - Grass - Clouds........ make a photo that enhance Simplicity !
Photograph © Fokion L Zissiadis
Captured Sat Oct 01, '11 12:01PM
Posted Wed Nov 02, '11 03:10PM
Views 463 / Comments 0
HDR toning
Fall Color on the Little Missouri River
Photograph © Matt Blaisdell
Captured Tue Nov 01, '11 08:05AM
Posted Tue Nov 01, '11 11:13PM
Views 662 / Comments 3
I took this photo at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park in Key West, FL.  It was the same sunset that I could have seen at Mallory Square, but without the crowds of people.  Sigma SD14, Sigma 18-250mm OS @ 18mm, ISO 100, f/14, 1/25s, tripod
Zach Taylor Sunset
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Thu Oct 20, '11 06:39PM
Posted Tue Nov 01, '11 06:46PM
Views 619 / Comments 1
Laguna Beach, CA
Solitary Sunset
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Feb 22, '09 04:02PM
Posted Tue Nov 01, '11 02:03PM
Views 537 / Comments 1
Yei Bi Chei at Sunset
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Fri Oct 07, '11 08:34PM
Posted Mon Oct 31, '11 12:35PM
Views 602 / Comments 2
This is the Atacama Desert during a late afternoon hike through some canyonland last summer. This image caught my eye because of the interesting interplay of light and shade across the rugged landscape. It wasn't until I got home and viewed the image onscreen that I noticed the cat and mouse motif.
Cat and Mouse
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Tue Jul 13, '10 05:12PM
Posted Sun Oct 30, '11 08:27PM
Views 425 / Comments 1
Did a short walk a couple of days ago, taking advantage of some nice weather. The light was bright and shone through the trees. This shot, into the sun, gives a good idea how the leaves were lit up.
Healey Dell Tree #1
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Wed Oct 26, '11 08:29AM
Posted Sun Oct 30, '11 10:45AM
Views 471 / Comments 2
I punched up the colors a little in Apple Aperture 3. This was an ISO 1600 image from a Nikon D300. Aperture f/8, Shutter 0.4 sec, -0.67 Exp Comp., White Balance 8000K. Click the image above to see the larger 1200x800 version.
Triadelphia Reservoir at Dusk
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Tue Oct 18, '11 06:40PM
Posted Fri Oct 28, '11 12:51PM
Views 514 / Comments 1
Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Southern Utah
Coral Pink Sunrise
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sat Nov 22, '08 09:14AM
Posted Thu Oct 27, '11 07:59PM
Views 464 / Comments 1
Taken a few years back at Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The stones were said to be  strewn across the landscape by the last Ice Age...the colors reflected in the water were October's finest.
Keji Colors
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sat Oct 11, '08 02:57PM
Posted Wed Oct 26, '11 11:16PM
Views 504 / Comments 2
I took this picture 2 weeks ago at about 7am.
Camp Lake, Wisconsin
Photograph © Cindy Garwood
Captured Sat Oct 08, '11 06:57AM
Posted Mon Oct 24, '11 09:23PM
Views 512 / Comments 3
One last view/comp from the location.
Totem Pole & Sand Dunes
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Fri Oct 07, '11 08:31PM
Posted Mon Oct 24, '11 02:31PM
Views 598 / Comments 3
This image is iconic for the landscape of southern France. It was made near Lagrasse in Languedoc. Many of these Plane trees were planted along the road in Napoleon's time to provide shade for the troops and travellers using these roads. These look a little bit younger though.
Tree Lined Avenue
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Fri Oct 21, '11 11:44AM
Posted Fri Oct 21, '11 11:44AM
Views 441 / Comments 1
Galena, IL , Early Morning, 3 exposures processed in NIK HDR
Lonely Cow
Photograph © Cindy Garwood
Captured Sat Oct 15, '11 07:46AM
Posted Thu Oct 20, '11 08:15AM
Views 512 / Comments 2
Moonrise at the Totem Pole, Monument Valley, AZ
Navajo Night
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Fri Oct 07, '11 09:10PM
Posted Wed Oct 19, '11 12:25PM
Views 421 / Comments 1
taken from a train between Yangon and Bago in 2011
Walking to Work in Myanmar
Photograph ©
Captured Wed Feb 17, '10 07:58AM
Posted Tue Oct 18, '11 04:50PM
Views 701 / Comments 3
Taken on the way home from work tonight - I love it when you have sunlight breaking through on a rainy day!
The Cove
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Tue Oct 18, '11 01:52PM
Posted Tue Oct 18, '11 02:04PM
Views 493 / Comments 1
This is the Painted Wall within the Black Canyon as viewed from the Painted Wall View in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in Colorado. I was there last month, unfortunately in the middle of the afternoon, when the contrast was super high, particularly with most the canyon in shadow and shooting into the sun, as was the case here. Therefore, shot with HDR in mind. This is a HDR image combining four exposures at f/8, ranging from 1/20 to 1/1250 second. I strive to make my HDR images not look over-processed. This one goes up to that line, but I don't think crosses it. What do you think, did I take it too far?
The Painted Wall
Photograph © Joe Becker
Captured Tue Sep 20, '11 02:47PM
Posted Mon Oct 17, '11 09:41PM
Views 542 / Comments 2
Following the storm through Monument Valley, Northern Arizona
Passing Storm
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Fri Oct 07, '11 08:29PM
Posted Sun Oct 16, '11 03:36PM
Views 466 / Comments 3
Lots of nice looking old stone houses in this little town in the south of France. Some gorgeous sunshine too...!
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Sun Oct 02, '11 07:54AM
Posted Sun Oct 16, '11 01:39PM
Views 432 / Comments 1
I had the opportunity to help host a photo workshop in Page and Monument Valley last weekend. This image is from a guided trip into Monument Valley.
Totem Pole and Yei Bi Chei - Monument Valley, AZ
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Fri Oct 07, '11 08:24PM
Posted Mon Oct 10, '11 01:06PM
Views 531 / Comments 2
_Everyday, this man goes out and drive people for a living. He earns approximately 100-200 pesos/ 2-4 dollars per day. I admire men like him, works hard to feed his family while others give up and steal.... The Simple life.
Photograph © Jeff Ortiz
Captured Thu Oct 06, '11 03:27PM
Posted Thu Oct 06, '11 03:34PM
Views 548 / Comments 0
One of the grandest and ornate squares of Europe is the The Grand Place of Brussels, Belgium  It is dominated by the the majestic Town Hall with its impressive spire and detailed carvings.  The ornate guild houses that border the other sides of the square create a feeling of being back in the past.  This square ranks with St. Mark's in Venice and St. Peter's in Rome for its beauty.
The Grand Place square in Brussels, Belgium
Photograph ©
Captured Tue Aug 16, '11 04:22AM
Posted Tue Oct 04, '11 01:33PM
Views 527 / Comments 0
Shot in the highlands above Atacama, within the Andes. The white dust patterns came from high alkilinity of the soil and the pure water comes from mountain runoff. It's a special place but your cardio condition needs to be better than mine was! I was dizzy half the time.
Altiplano de Aguas Calientes, Chile
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Wed Jul 14, '10 01:32PM
Posted Sat Oct 01, '11 11:51PM
Views 465 / Comments 5
Greece - This is the color version of the Sepia.  Thanks Walter for trying to explain how to add an image to a previous upload but I still don't understand how to do it. :(( And per Andrews request here is the color version of the Cross.  I would have loved to have gotten the whole Island in the hole but it was not working that way.  Also I could have moved over to the right to leave it out.  I'll just have to make another trip someday!  :)))))))))  thanks for C & C.
The Mighty Cross in Color
Photograph © Cindy Garwood
Captured Tue Jun 28, '11 07:55AM
Posted Tue Sep 27, '11 10:13AM
Views 656 / Comments 3
Santorini Greece- processed with Nik Software - I also have the color version but my eye was drawn to this.  C & C Please
The Mighty Cross
Photograph © Cindy Garwood
Captured Tue Jun 28, '11 07:55AM
Posted Tue Sep 27, '11 07:22AM
Views 616 / Comments 1
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