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Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 03:23 AM EDT
Travel & Outdoor

I shot this a couple of weeks ago at Gaines' Mill, a unit of the Richmond National Battlefield Park.

Sigma SD14, Sigma 18-250mm OS @ 95mm, ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/100s, hand held
Gaines' Mill
Photograph © Roger Maki
Captured Sat Apr 23, '11 11:16AM
Posted Wed May 04, '11 10:29AM
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I chose to post this in B/W to give it atmosphere.
The old city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
jerusalem misty morning
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Wed Apr 06, '11 06:21AM
Posted Tue May 03, '11 04:08PM
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the effect of the red sunrise behind the pinetree, with all the pinecones visible as silhouettes made this shot a must get... admittedly I left the very top off...:-(
sunrise tree
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sat Apr 23, '11 12:23AM
Posted Thu Apr 28, '11 07:23AM
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I was fortunate enough to wake early whilst camping over Easter, and on the nearby lake, I saw this remarkable reflection of the rising sun off the clouds above..
Easter Sunday reflections
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Sun Apr 24, '11 12:24AM
Posted Thu Apr 28, '11 07:23AM
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Coast of Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentina. The birds on the wires are patagonic parrots, and it s the biggest natural colony of these birds in the world.
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Tue Dec 29, '09 09:48PM
Posted Wed Apr 27, '11 08:37PM
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I only had a few minutes on my way from Show Low to Winslow after working all day and tried to get a couple shots of the Wigwam Motel on Route 66. Nothing great here but intriegueing none the less. 1/4sec@f8, iso 800.
Wigwam Motel
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Tue Mar 29, '11 02:17AM
Posted Wed Apr 27, '11 02:51PM
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The lowest point on land is the Dead Sea that borders Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. It's 420 meters below sea level.
Swimming in the Dead-Sea
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sat Apr 09, '11 04:22PM
Posted Wed Apr 27, '11 11:43AM
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Couldnt resist this one ,But they wouldn't sit like 3 monkeys should :)
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sun Jan 30, '11 04:00AM
Posted Wed Apr 27, '11 01:07AM
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the laid back fish market, which acts as a trading post, news cafe, food bar and source of shade caught my eye as we were leaving Matemwe in Zanzibar
fish market..
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Fri Feb 18, '11 05:58AM
Posted Tue Apr 26, '11 12:53PM
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Not from Amsterdam, but in Newton in Bowland. Had a very tasty Beef & Ale Pie at the Parkers Arms.
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Sun Apr 24, '11 09:35AM
Posted Sun Apr 24, '11 05:41PM
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Caminito street. La Boca, Buenos Aires
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Tue Oct 23, '07 11:31AM
Posted Sat Apr 23, '11 11:42AM
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I saw Zara posted an image of this bay, so thought I'd put this one up. The driftwood & stone sculptures made it look a bit spooky. Reminded me of Lord Of The Flies, don't know why exactly.
Bruce Bay
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Thu Mar 04, '10 02:44AM
Posted Fri Apr 22, '11 09:23AM
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This is at the north end of Totaranui Beach. The rock face is shaped like a petrified tree, with its roots sticking out of the sand. A magical calm place where you can sit for hours, meditating on time and the insignificance of man, listening to the waves breaking on the beach.

It was like being on the set of The Lord Of The Rings, at the foot of one of the Ents.

I think this may be one of the three or four really good images, out of the 2,500 that I took on this trip.
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Fri Apr 22, '11 08:59AM
Posted Fri Apr 22, '11 08:59AM
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Punta Arenas calls itself the world's southernmost city, which is true by some definitions. It is really just a small town - barely more than a large village in first world terms - and as such it has legitimate competition for the title it claims. But it's a charming place within a spectacular region, and this is the best view of it that I caught in my short time there. Any critiques would be most welcome.
Punta Arenas, Chile
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sun Jul 18, '10 05:32PM
Posted Wed Apr 20, '11 03:24PM
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Shot along Hwy 93 in Arizona.
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sat Dec 25, '10 12:40PM
Posted Tue Apr 19, '11 11:21AM
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I woke up this morning and grabbed the camera to take this 3 image panorama of the moon setting over Singapore.  A rare site to see the full moon and few clouds to interfere.
Nice way to wake up in the morning - Moonset Over Singapore
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Mon Apr 18, '11 05:57PM
Posted Tue Apr 19, '11 09:02AM
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Tango dancers in la Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tango in Buenos Aires
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Thu Nov 26, '09 12:05PM
Posted Sun Apr 17, '11 06:33AM
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we stopped to strecth our legs during an evening game drive in the Zululand bush and as I walked passed this tree, the sun and silhouette just begged to be taken, I was too lazy to go back and get my tripod, so more or leess aimed and took the shot..
Zululand Sunset
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Fri Sep 24, '10 11:31AM
Posted Sat Apr 16, '11 08:17AM
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Old Lighthouse of Colonia del Sacramento, at twilight. (car just passed during exposition, which I loved!;-)
Old Lighthouse
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Fri May 22, '09 07:25PM
Posted Sat Apr 16, '11 01:36AM
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A bronze sculpture of Columbus in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. To me it appears as though Columbus is begging the giant pigeon for mercy on behalf of the entire royal court - after a reign of obvious terror has already begun.
Holding Court
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sun May 20, '07 11:27AM
Posted Fri Apr 15, '11 08:51PM
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Riding donkey on road .
Wrong way @ slow
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sun Apr 10, '11 08:45AM
Posted Fri Apr 15, '11 09:24AM
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Reading the Koran on the Temple Mount Jerusalem
Reading Koran
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Thu Apr 07, '11 07:52AM
Posted Fri Apr 15, '11 09:24AM
Views 471 / Comments 1
Colonia delSacramento pier
Stillness on fire
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Sat May 23, '09 06:32PM
Posted Thu Apr 14, '11 12:53PM
Views 454 / Comments 1
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Sun Feb 20, '11 09:03PM
Posted Wed Apr 13, '11 03:54PM
Views 505 / Comments 3
Grand Canyon
Photograph ©
Captured Sat Sep 26, '09 09:25PM
Posted Wed Apr 13, '11 02:57PM
Views 563 / Comments 1
Northern Ireland
Giant's Causeway
Photograph ©
Captured Mon May 28, '07 09:52AM
Posted Wed Apr 13, '11 02:13PM
Views 524 / Comments 1
A gondolier taking a break in Venice.
"I think I could make better use of my time on land." -The Format
Photograph ©
Captured Fri Jun 12, '09 06:42AM
Posted Wed Apr 13, '11 02:01PM
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PlanetariumGalileo Galilei, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Sun Mar 15, '09 08:32PM
Posted Tue Apr 12, '11 10:29PM
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Camera Info: D300 w 14-24mm/2.8, tripod 
Focal length: 14mm 
Exposure: f/22, 1/200 
Metering mode: Matrix 
EV Compensation: -2/3 
Exposure Program: Aperture priority 
ISO speed rating: 400 
90% of full frame, cropped from the top 
PP in LR3, SEP2 and CS5
Maclaren River and Glacier, Alaska
Photograph ©
Captured Sat Aug 01, '09 09:12AM
Posted Mon Apr 11, '11 03:12PM
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Just been out for a quick ride, part of a photo - tag game, and I quite liked how this one came out.  Not bad for a wee Canon S90!
Rider on the Storm
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Mon Apr 11, '11 05:24PM
Posted Mon Apr 11, '11 02:01PM
Views 489 / Comments 3
The rusty remains of the foghorn. HDR'ed from 5 images with f/9 and shutter speeds between 0.6 and 10 seconds.
Inside The Foghorn Dome
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Sun Apr 10, '11 09:52AM
Posted Mon Apr 11, '11 04:32AM
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Colonia del Sacramento pier. Uruguay.
Boats at Colonia del Sacramento
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Sat May 23, '09 07:29PM
Posted Sun Apr 10, '11 07:22PM
Views 589 / Comments 4
Oldest lighthouse in Patagonia.
El Condor , Rio Negro. Patagonia Argentina.
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Fri Jan 01, '10 10:24PM
Posted Sat Apr 09, '11 07:45PM
Views 457 / Comments 3
El Condor beach at twilight. Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
El Condor, Rio Negro.
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Sat Jan 02, '10 10:34PM
Posted Sat Apr 09, '11 03:54AM
Views 461 / Comments 4
I took a bit of a diversion on the way home from work this evening.  It was really an exploration for some locations for bluebell season... but I rather liked this scene.
Park Wood
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Wed Apr 06, '11 03:58PM
Posted Wed Apr 06, '11 04:49PM
Views 500 / Comments 4
Cargo ships at Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Old ships
Photograph © Bernardo Galmarini
Captured Thu Jan 15, '09 03:01PM
Posted Wed Apr 06, '11 01:39PM
Views 456 / Comments 2
Zanzibar, after a mornings diving, our boat dropped us off at this beach at a fishing village on the east coast of Zanzibar. At this time all the fishing dhows were also returning from their days fishing and the local population, and cattle were coming down to welcome them home.. the combination of sand, sea, and contrasts made this shot very easy for me.
Agriculture meets fishing
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Fri Feb 18, '11 12:56PM
Posted Mon Apr 04, '11 06:46AM
Views 484 / Comments 2
Purple haze
Skagit Valley, Laconner Washington
Photograph © Tom Guffey
Captured Sun Apr 03, '11 11:15PM
Posted Sun Apr 03, '11 11:15PM
Views 576 / Comments 5
Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona
Salt River Canyon
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Mar 27, '11 03:44PM
Posted Fri Apr 01, '11 10:19AM
Views 431 / Comments 3
A quick one from today - I was enroute to a job in Lindale and spotted this wee waterfall.  I must have driven past it dozens of times without registering it's existance, but once I spotted it I had to go back for a quick photograph.

The wind was blowing pretty hard, but I rather liked the movement it gave to the trees and foreground plants - especially with a 6 second exposure!
Lindale Falls
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Thu Mar 31, '11 09:46AM
Posted Thu Mar 31, '11 09:13AM
Views 598 / Comments 3
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