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Friday, October 31 2014 @ 06:05 PM EDT
Travel & Outdoor

On the last morning of your stay in the Guilin region in China, we got up early for sunrise along the Li River in the town of Yangshuo.  This was taken crossing the bridge prior to us boarding a small bamboo boat to catch a local fisherman.   The karst peaks are very unique along this part of the river and a highlight of the trip.
Sunrise on the Li River
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sun Oct 03, '10 11:16AM
Posted Thu Oct 04, '12 08:34PM
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I can't say this is my favorite food in the world (perhaps because it was not my staple diet when I was growing up - mine was more to do with Lithuanian potatoes) but its amazing to see this simple dish is makining a huge come back in Britsh culinary world making appearance on menus of most self respected english cuisine restaurants.
English delicacy?
Photograph ©
Captured Wed Mar 28, '12 12:45PM
Posted Sun Sep 23, '12 08:05AM
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This is one of those last second turn and shoot images I took when leaving the Intramuros area in Manila recently.   Sometimes I just like simplicity and hopefully this offer this.    I used Nik Software Silver Efx Pro with the Antique 2 filter to brighten the edges and added structure.
Intramuros, Manila
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Fri Sep 07, '12 10:01PM
Posted Sun Sep 23, '12 03:32AM
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Isle of White
Thatched Cottage
Photograph ©
Captured Wed May 23, '12 09:53AM
Posted Sat Sep 22, '12 07:05AM
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Shot from Cape Royal, North Rim, Grand Canyon NP. If you look closely there is a rainbow that begins in the lower left corner. The quality of light here reminds me of images I've seen from underwater.
Royal Rainbow
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Sep 02, '12 05:10AM
Posted Thu Sep 20, '12 10:30PM
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Taken on Hoad Hill this evening,  the sky colour warned of impending torrential rain which I ignored to my cost!
Incoming Rain
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Wed Sep 19, '12 02:48PM
Posted Wed Sep 19, '12 06:05PM
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While hiking towards Pietrosul peak, in Rodnei mountains, Romania, saw a lonely man as he vanished after the ridge
The lonely man
Photograph © Pop Petru Laurentiu
Captured Sun Nov 29, '09 08:51AM
Posted Wed Sep 19, '12 08:51AM
Views 334 / Comments 3 least in the 48 contiguous United States! This marker is by far the biggest single tourist destination in Key West, with long lines all day long of people lining up to pose in front of it. I only wanted this photo if I could get it abandoned like this, and one morning when my son woke me up before dawn, I went out afterward to go shoot this. Sure enough, no one was there! Ironically most people tell me it would be better with some human interest ;-)
The End of South
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Wed Jul 04, '12 03:10AM
Posted Tue Sep 18, '12 09:01PM
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Road construction slowed traffic enough to get this shot of the wild flowers covering a pasture along Highway 17 south of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Yellow Carpet
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Mon Sep 03, '12 12:04PM
Posted Sun Sep 16, '12 06:38PM
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A quick shot from tonight - went for a wee walk to give Lachlan some fresh air and the dog a bit of a run since it has been raining all day.  Not shot the church from this angle before that I recall so thought it was worth a look!  

The core of the church is, I believe, medieval with loads of later additions.  Must get inside again one of these days!
The Parish Church
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Sun Sep 16, '12 01:27PM
Posted Sun Sep 16, '12 02:03PM
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During this past weekend during my business trip to Manila, I decided to visit the American Cemetery and Memorial in the heart of Manila.   I was extremely humbled and in awe of the memorial, especially in respect to the 17,202 US and Philippino men who died and over 35K who are missing during WWII.  This is the largest cemetery of WWII soldiers in the world and was so impressed with the care and maintenance still performed to this day by the American Battle Monuments Commission.  The sod and grass is still brought in from the USA and all structures are as sharp and clean as I imagine they were when placed.  The peace and solitude of this area in the heart of Manila while sitting among those who served and gave their lives was one of the few times I put down my camera and really felt the need to give thought to what was in front of me.   Besides the 17K+ crosses where soldiers lie, the 36K missing in action are all identified in the hemicircles within the center of the memorial.   I hope they are never forgotten.
Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Tue Sep 11, '12 04:05PM
Posted Tue Sep 11, '12 08:33AM
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a remote double waterfall deep in the mountains of Molokai shot from an Air Maui Helicopter.
Papalaua Double Waterfall on Molokai
Photograph ©
Captured Fri Aug 24, '12 07:43AM
Posted Sat Sep 08, '12 01:03PM
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Sunset at Point Sublime, North Rim, Grand Canyon NP. Taken during the Labor Day Weekend NPN group meet-up. This location is a 2 hour drive (20 miles) from the visitors center via a very rough 4WD forest road. We had a permit to camp on the point. 
Click image for a larger version.
So Sublime
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Sep 02, '12 02:58PM
Posted Wed Sep 05, '12 02:46PM
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In our trip to Papua New Guinea, we spent 2 days on the Sepik River in style....on a local canoe hollowed out of a large tree.  The Sepik is quite wide with thick vegetation and huts scattered about and is the main method of travel with the locals.  We sat on the floor of the canoe with little room for over 3 hours on this trip...but I could have been at work instead!
Cruising the Sepik
Photograph © Richard P Schoettger
Captured Sun Aug 05, '12 05:10PM
Posted Tue Sep 04, '12 05:35AM
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Taken late morning using self-timer and a tripod so I could get into the frame.
Parthenon - Daytime View
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Thu Aug 30, '12 07:29AM
Posted Mon Sep 03, '12 03:30PM
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The Parthenon in Centennial Park in Nashville Tennessee was built in 1897 for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. It is an exact replica in features and size to the original in Athens, Greece. If only I had arrived about 15-20 minutes earlier to get a nicer blue in the sky. This is a 4 second exposure. See for more info on The Parthenon and the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.
The Parthenon - Nashville, Tennessee
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Thu Aug 30, '12 04:48PM
Posted Sun Sep 02, '12 02:32PM
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Brighton, UK
Photograph ©
Captured Sun Aug 26, '12 07:51AM
Posted Sun Sep 02, '12 06:15AM
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Morning in Varanasi
Point of view
Photograph ©
Captured Mon Nov 21, '11 12:28AM
Posted Sat Sep 01, '12 09:46AM
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Shot this in Lorton, Virginia (USA) a few years ago, and actually stalked this scene for several years in advance. I have a LOT of photos from this shoot and love them all! Here's one...
Around The Bend
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sat Feb 03, '07 09:28AM
Posted Thu Aug 30, '12 11:57PM
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I shot this at a huge bike and motorcycle junkyard in the tiny little burg of Rye, AZ. Rye is just a wide spot on the highway between Phoenix and Payson. I've had this image around for awhile but played around with it in Lightroom 4 and came up with a look that feels about right.
Junkyard Bikes
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Apr 22, '07 10:06AM
Posted Thu Aug 30, '12 10:34PM
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It's been a while since I posted an image, so here's one I took above Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park. I was up there before sunrise, but there wasn't much color in the sunrise itself. The wildflowers added lots of color after the sun came up and the sky turned blue.
Morning at Paradise
Photograph © Joe Becker
Captured Tue Aug 21, '12 03:42AM
Posted Mon Aug 27, '12 03:27PM
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I don't understand why this place is in ruin... I would love to live in an old farm looking out across the Irish Sea!
Old Walney Farm
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Tue Aug 21, '12 03:58PM
Posted Sun Aug 26, '12 06:57PM
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I picked this one up a few years back and decided to play with it. I haven't been happy with the comp, the middle horizon and so much sky. Just one of those that the objects didn't want to come together very well. Found along Route 66 near Hackberry, AZ. Hope you find some enjoyment in it.
Kingman or Winona?
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Mon Mar 14, '05 04:54AM
Posted Sat Aug 25, '12 06:22PM
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I spotted this little store along Highway 89 in Utah. It looks like its seen better days.
Thomas Grocery - Sterling, Utah
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sat Jul 14, '12 06:29AM
Posted Fri Aug 24, '12 01:32PM
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My friend Kevin at Aluvial Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Aluvial Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Fri Aug 31, '07 11:57AM
Posted Thu Aug 23, '12 01:43PM
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I went shooting with a Lusaka camera club last Saturday. They had organised access to a couple of buildings, one of which was this new bank being built at the FedEx Roundabout.
Lines, Shapes, Colour #4
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Sat Aug 18, '12 04:34AM
Posted Thu Aug 23, '12 01:39AM
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Higgs Beach Pier in Key West. Overall this destination is so beautiful and fun that I strongly recommend it to all!
No Diving
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Wed Jun 27, '12 09:16AM
Posted Wed Aug 22, '12 11:27PM
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It was edited by to promote travel
Go Out for Travel
Photograph © Himanshu Rawat
Captured Fri Aug 10, '12 12:48AM
Posted Wed Aug 22, '12 08:36PM
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Another attempt at catching a sunset tonight foiled by yet another low bank of cloud.  Fortunately there was some nice light just before it rolled in!
South Walney
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Tue Aug 21, '12 04:04PM
Posted Tue Aug 21, '12 05:56PM
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Tonight's planned shot was slightly derailed by a last minute bank of cloud which rolled in, still I managed to get a few decent frames before it gave up before getting really good!

This is Roanhead just outside Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, England.  I think it is worth a few future trips... though have my eyes on the stone circles marked on the map the other side of the estuary....
Roanhead Sunset
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Mon Aug 20, '12 04:24PM
Posted Mon Aug 20, '12 05:56PM
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In Northern Ireland, the impressive Giant's Causeway with its 40,000 basalt columns (resulting from a volcano eruption). You probably know the legend but here goes anyway: there were once two giants, one in Ireland and one in Scotland. Both had quite a reputation, but the Scottish giant wanted to know who was the strongest and challenged Fionn, the Irish giant, to a fight. Being on separate islands, they began to build a causeway, starting on each side. But before the bridge was completed, Fionn got a glimpse at the Scottish giant and realized he was much taller than himself. Afraid, he tried to find a out of the fight until his wife Oonagh came up with a plan. When the Scottish giant finally arrived on the Irish side, he found Oonagh on the beach. She told him that Fionn was in the forest cutting wood and she presented him "Fionn's son" (the baby was of course Fionn himself tucked in a cradle). Seeing the size of the son, the Scottish giant suddenly lost all desire to fight the father and came running back to Scotland, tearing the causeway apart on his way home ! A lovely tale of Irish craftiness, isn't it ? =)
Giant's Causeway
Photograph © Alice Kabanoff
Captured Sun May 08, '11 10:32AM
Posted Mon Aug 20, '12 04:11AM
Views 527 / Comments 6
I happened upon this set of buildings in Spring City, Utah. The juxtaposition of the ominous clouds to the pretty buildings caught my attention. Forbes Magazine identified Spring City as one of the prettiest towns in America, and in the 2000 census had a population of 956.
Incoming Storm
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Jul 15, '12 08:47AM
Posted Sun Aug 19, '12 11:23PM
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Ruby Beach on the Pacific Ocean in the Olympic National Park is a wild beach with sea stacks, driftwood, and fresh air.  I used a 1 second shutter speed to smooth out the waves and an f/16 f stop to get the rocks into focus with the sea stacks, Unfortunately the wind created some movement in the trees but it actually helped the image I think.  a warming photo filter post procesing helped the colors.
Ruby Beach Sunset
Photograph ©
Captured Tue Aug 14, '12 02:49PM
Posted Sun Aug 19, '12 01:19PM
Views 460 / Comments 7
In my home region, in Normandy, we often joke about not having sunsets but cloudsets :-)
Setting Clouds
Photograph © Alice Kabanoff
Captured Mon Aug 06, '12 03:34PM
Posted Sat Aug 18, '12 04:15AM
Views 361 / Comments 4
This petrol station was the only one in town and it ran out of petrol about a week ago. Shortly before we got there (fortunately just to stretch our legs, not to fill up) the petrol station was re-supplied and had started to serve the hundred or so vehicles that were waiting, some had been there for several days. The owner predicted he would run out of petrol again that same afternoon.
BTW Petrol was about 15% cheaper than in the UK.
At Last!
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Fri Aug 10, '12 06:31AM
Posted Sat Aug 18, '12 01:51AM
Views 380 / Comments 3
A busy street scene from Puri, India with Jagannath temple in the background. Jagannath temple is one of the top Hindu pilgrimage sites in India.
Just another day in Puri
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Dec 30, '07 04:37PM
Posted Thu Aug 16, '12 08:36PM
Views 430 / Comments 4
I was up in Utah visiting a cousin this summer and visited Manti City. The Mormon Temple there was quite a sight. Here's some info from Wikipedia.
The Manti Utah Temple (formerly the Manti Temple) is the fifth constructed temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). Located in the city of Manti, Utah, it was the third LDS temple built west of the Mississippi River after the Mormons' great trek westward. The temple dominates the Sanpete Valley, and can be seen from many miles. The temple was completed in 1888.
Manti Utah Temple
Photograph © Bob Miller
Captured Sun Jul 15, '12 01:56PM
Posted Tue Aug 14, '12 11:20PM
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Looking south from the bluffs up in Ecola State Park , toward the beach and Haystack rock.
Sunset, Cannon Beach Oregon
Photograph © Tom Guffey
Captured Tue Aug 14, '12 10:44AM
Posted Tue Aug 14, '12 10:44AM
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I had the opportunity this morning to shoot this driveway again, and today the wind was almost non-existant allowing for long exposures with no movement in the leaves. A vertical will be posted tomorrow (adhering to the one image per category per day rule). 8 second exposure.
Driveway Redux (Off Center)
Photograph © Walter Rowe
Captured Tue Aug 14, '12 04:19AM
Posted Tue Aug 14, '12 09:45AM
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From my recent trip to Istanbul. A beautiful night indeed.
Moonlight Mosque
Photograph © Alice Kabanoff
Captured Mon Jul 23, '12 03:58PM
Posted Tue Aug 14, '12 05:26AM
Views 459 / Comments 4
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