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Monday, August 29 2016 @ 11:08 PM EDT
Hill Country
15th - 21st May 2011
Overlooking the Port of Volos,Greece
Photograph ©
Captured Tue May 24, '11 02:45PM
Posted Tue Jun 28, '11 02:10AM
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These colors emerged from the volcanic earth, through a peculiar dynamic of the cooling lavas hardening at different temperatures. While the specific geology eludes me, certainly Chamarel offers a huge hillside ramble of incredible color schemes, which somehow is on permanent display!
The Coloured Earths of Chamarel
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Thu May 19, '05 05:30AM
Posted Sat May 21, '11 09:38PM
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It's only one hill and you cannot even see the top, but I thought this is how we often see hills in the UK. Funnily enough, this image is from the other side of the planet. The water is lake Wakatipu, somewhere west of Queenstown in New Zealand.
Sky Cloud Hill Water
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Fri Mar 05, '10 09:00AM
Posted Wed May 18, '11 01:52PM
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It was a cloudy day with some sun, some drizzle, some rain, and good company.
Loch Broom In The Distance
Photograph © Ruud van Ruitenbeek
Captured Wed May 18, '11 01:37PM
Posted Wed May 18, '11 01:37PM
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On the way to Wadi Rum
Photograph ©
Captured Tue Aug 31, '10 05:02PM
Posted Mon May 16, '11 03:06PM
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I am now taking you down to the south of Israel to the desert area Where there are sometimes the most incredible sunrise/sunsets
Negev in the morning
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sun Dec 26, '04 05:40PM
Posted Sat May 07, '11 05:14AM
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The photo is taken in the heart of the South Island, New Zealand
Lindis Pass, NZ
Photograph © Zara Bowmar
Captured Mon Mar 28, '11 12:34AM
Posted Fri May 06, '11 06:22PM
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Translating as "abode of snow", the Himalayan mountain range is the planet's highest, and home to the world's highest peaks including Mount Everest - seen here on the horizon left - and K2.
Photograph ©
Captured Mon Apr 25, '11 10:27AM
Posted Fri May 06, '11 07:52AM
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The same area as previous photo which was looking south.
This shot of the Hills and Mt. not far from my home is looking north.
On the snow capped Mt. to the left is Lebanon in the middle is Israel and on the Right is Syria 
Mt Hermon snow capped
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sun Jan 22, '06 08:33AM
Posted Thu May 05, '11 01:11AM
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It does get pretty hilly out there among the Redwoods, not to mention misty
Humboldt, California
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Mon Oct 19, '09 01:15PM
Posted Thu May 05, '11 12:25AM
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A view of the Hills and valleys that make up the tributary system for the Umkomaas River in the Ixopo region of South Africa, the cloud that can be seen kept on coming and this was the best weather for that day..
Early Morning in the valley..
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Tue Feb 22, '11 10:46PM
Posted Wed May 04, '11 02:26AM
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Hills in the area not far from my home with the Almond trees in full bloom
Galill in spring
Photograph © Avi Hirschfield
Captured Sat Jan 16, '10 09:07AM
Posted Tue May 03, '11 04:04PM
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the highest pass in Africa as viewed through a natural frame in the mountains, there is a wonderful pub at the top, also the highest in Africa..
Sani Pass, Southern Drakensberg
Photograph © Andrew Brown
Captured Thu Feb 11, '10 02:20AM
Posted Tue May 03, '11 01:58PM
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Crater Lake Mount Rhepehu - Taupo New Zealand
On Top of the World
Photograph ©
Captured Wed Dec 31, '03 11:00PM
Posted Tue May 03, '11 12:31AM
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Taken in Highland Perthshire a few years back!
Broken Spectre on Ben Vrackie
Photograph © Rob Sutherland
Captured Mon May 02, '11 06:25PM
Posted Mon May 02, '11 06:25PM
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