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Wednesday, July 30 2014 @ 01:11 PM EDT
To that place, where I call myself lost.
the sun from 11 July 2010's total solar eclipse, superimposed by the moon from 21 December 2010's total lunar eclipse
Lunar-Solar Double Eclipse
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Mon Mar 21, '11 09:03PM
Posted Mon Mar 21, '11 09:04PM
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sunset across the Coral Sea on the Great Barrier Reef
In The Evening
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Thu Feb 10, '11 10:49PM
Posted Tue Mar 15, '11 11:36PM
Views 470 / Comments 0
the squall of a dust storm at Burning Man
Home and Away
Photograph © Patrick Flynn
Captured Sat Oct 30, '10 08:15PM
Posted Tue Mar 15, '11 11:36PM
Views 502 / Comments 2
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