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Tuesday, March 15 2016 @ 01:12 AM EDT
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The Northern Tier

The Norther Tier
The Norther Tier
Prior to taking this trip my wife, Linda, and I had been to 48 of our 50 states, missing only North Dakota and Idaho. My excuse for not visiting those states previously is that neither one of them is on the way to anywhere else that we wanted to visit. That being said, we had to come up with a plan to add those last two states to our checklist of places visited. I considered flying to Minneapolis, renting a car, and then driving through North Dakota and Montana to Idaho and back, but that did not sound very appealing. Then Linda suggested that we do another cross-country drive, similar to the U.S. 50 trip we took in 2013, which was perhaps her favorite of all the trips that we've taken. I considered the possibilities that such a trip would provide for visiting a few of the national parks that were on my bucket list and I bought into the idea. Another trip that I had on my wish list was to fly to Denver, rent a car, and do a circuit through Colorado. Linda suggested that since we were going to be out west anyway, we could just as easily do the Colorado loop on our way home. With that I was sold!

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Exploring The Desert

Fourteen years, plenty of wildlife trips, lots of safaris, hundreds of birds, varied habitats- semi evergreen to deciduous forests, wetlands to deserts, snowfall to the scorching summer heat with temperatures soaring above 40 C, thousands of photographs........yet, not even one-tenth of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India covered. Only 50% of the avian biodiversity of India seen and of the other forms of biodiversity, only a single digit percentage seen yet. How about an exploratory wildlife trip then? How about visiting a protected area about which not much is known, but promises to be rich in terms of biodiversity, a national park which does not see the kind of tourist frenzy that the more popular ones do?

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Chakrata - A symbol for the Theory of Change

Chakrata, A remote town in Himalayas of India. I revisited this town after eight years and found considerable influence of tourism on the place, both negative as well as positive. The kind of experience i had is one that makes a person thinks that are they really enjoying the natural beauty of a place or gradually destroying it. overall the inclination of the article is towards Responsible Tourism.

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American Adventure: U.S. 50 Coast-to-Coast

U.S. 50 Coast-to-Coast
U.S. 50 Coast-to-Coast

I and my family have lived in Easton, Maryland for the past 34 years and one of the fun things that we get to do is go to the beach each summer. We normally spend most of our time at Assateague Island National Seashore, but we sometimes drive into Ocean City to have lunch or to just stroll along the boardwalk. Something that has intrigued me and my wife, Linda, for many years is a sign over the highway that goes over the bridge from Ocean City’s barrier island across to the mainland. The sign reads “Sacramento Ca 3073.” We both thought that it might be fun to someday drive that highway – U.S. 50 – all the way across the country, and we both agreed that it would be most doable after we were both retired. When Linda retired on July 1 of this year (I retired three years earlier) we had our opportunity.

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Hand Painting Ceramic
Hand Painting Ceramic

‘Made by hand’,,, ‘sensory abundance’. These phrases still ring in my ears after visiting Morocco a couple of months ago.

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