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Monday, March 14 2016 @ 01:52 PM EDT
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UK's Jessop's placed into Administration

Price Waterhouse Coopers today announced in a press release that Jessops, the UK's largest high-street camera retailer, has gone into administration. This comes after Jacob's, the UK's largest independent photographic chain, closed its doors in June 2012.


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Lee Robinson

This post is long overdue, but no less heartfelt and sincere. On September 23, 2012, Lee Everett Robinson passed away at the age of 66 at his home in Sandy, Utah after a five year struggle with Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) cancer. Lee was a long time member of the Travel Photographers Network. Records show he was a member at least as far back as 2006 and possibly earlier. Lee represented all of the values that TPN stands for. He regularly contributed photographs, and he always provided thoughtful, respectful and honest critiques to others.

Some facts not everyone may have known about Lee include that he enjoyed driving sports cars, watching road races, and skiing downhill at his beloved Alta, Utah. In 1972, Lee obtained his FAA Private Pilot License after which he enjoyed several years of flying over the rugged terrain of the western states. Lee also shared with wife Jan a great affection for their beloved greyhound dogs. Friends of Lee's on Facebook often saw loving, intimate photographs of these beautiful creatures around the house with colorful commentary from Lee.

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Lightroom 4.3 Released

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.3 update includes these enhancements:

  • HiDPI support within the Library and Develop Modules.  HiDPI provides support for Retina-enabled Macs.
  • Additional raw file support for 20 cameras including the Canon EOS 6D, Nikon D600 and Olympus PEN E-PL5 (full camera raw support listing).
  • Corrections and bug fixes for issues introduced in previous versions of Lightroom.

English: Windows | Macintosh

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Angels, Goddesses, and the Spirit of Italy: Diane Epstein's Fine Art Fresco Photographs

The allure of Italy has captivated the imagination of painters, sculptors, architects and photographers for centuries.  The historian and author of “As the Romans Do: An American Family's Italian Odyssey,” Alan Epstein, will lead a lively discussion highlighting the timeless images, feminine archetypes, and architectural grandeur that characterize Italian art and culture. The talk and exhibit will be held at the Gerald Bland Gallery, 1262 Madison Ave. New York, Thursday, December 15th,  2011, at 6.30 pm.


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Welcome to TPN 3.0

Welcome to the NEW Travel Photographers Network

Over the last two months, the TPN staff have expended enormous energy and time developing and polishing up the new site. We sincerely hope you like what we have delivered. With this new website we indend to restore some long missed activities including a new cover image, fresh articles each month, weekly challenge themes, weekly moderator picks, and an active discussion board.

We also have a new roster of site moderators including Bob Miller, Matt Blaisdell, Rob Sutherland and Sheril Foust.

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