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Sunday, January 10 2016 @ 03:14 AM EST

How To Get Intriguing And Delectable Travel Portraits

For most of the people, visiting somewhere else will feel like just that, a place that is not your home. Sometimes people have so much to do, so much to engage with and so much to take that they often forget that they are in someone else’s home. Therefore, travel photography allows you to engage with people who call that place their home, get understanding of the country and establish connections with people who you would have never had the pleasure of meeting.

Why Travel Photography?

While traveling, it is very easy to be overwhelmed by photographing famous landmarks, visiting attractions and architectural masterpieces. However, it is always better and pleasurable to delve little deeper.

Therefore, if you want to fully understand the place during your short sojourn, you really need to photograph the essence of that place rather than just capturing the surface. In this regard, interacting and taking photographs of the locals will give you an amazing insight of the place you are visiting. It also helps you to understand what life is really about and to see the place from natives’ perspective.

The Fear of Asking:

The most important thing to do to take really great travel photographs is to overcome the fear of asking someone if you can take his or her photograph. If you can manage this at home, it will be far less intimidating for you abroad as well.

You need to have the confidence and understanding that the worst thing that the person will say is no. it might also happen that the person you are talking with is far more intimidated than you with a camera in hand. If language acts as a barrier, simply smile and give a gesture with your camera as you are taking photograph. It is amazing to find out how far basic body language, thumbs up and thumps down will take you.

Getting Kicked Up:

As far as the equipment is concerned, there are no particular requirements for anything. You only need a camera you are happy working with. In this regard, a DSLR camera will definitely provide you greatest and best functionalities but if you want to travel light, there are many other options as well.

If you think about lens, a 50mm one will be perfect for taking travel portraits. It is nice and quick and allows you to get close and nice to the subject in addition with offering good shallow depth of the field.

You can also keep a flash or reflector with you but it all depends upon your requirements and the space you have. However, it is important to keep spare batteries and memory cards with you if you have to travel for days.

Portrait Technique:

You can apply basic portraiture techniques to travel photography as well. You only need to focus on eyes in order to achieve strongest possible connection with the object. In some cases, it is a good idea to prefer manual focus over auto focus in order to get pin sharp eyes. To avoid any distractions behind the subject, you can use depth of the field to blur background as well.

The Lightening:

It is very difficult to get ideal light for your subjects during travel. Therefore, you should strive to utilize the available light in most effective manner possible because the use of light can make or break your portrait. It is always better to access the situation in order to use the light in your favor before diving in with camera.

Act Quickly:

It is absolutely necessary to be able to take quick decisions and think fast in order to implement all of the above factors. This particular ability will improve with practice and experience. However, in order to capture naturel smiles, reactions and interactions, you should be able to take quick decisions to take a really memorable shot.


Travel photography is a difficult art and you need to think and act fast to capture amazing photographs. In this regard, above mentioned tips will definitely help you in the long run.

Author’s Bio:

Anthony Powell loves to travel and take photographs during his sojourns and also likes to convert those photos on canvas.

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Authored by: Dong Le Tong on Friday, January 08 2016 @ 11:42 AM EST How To Get Intriguing And Delectable Travel Portraits

So true man (y)

Back to when I was in Vietnam, we were almost chased away while checking out on of the photo shoot locations. The locals there were very protective and called security. Fortunately, with local expertise at hand, we were able to talk it through and we walked away with new friends and photo shoot location.

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