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Tuesday, March 15 2016 @ 03:57 AM EDT

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Buyers Guide
by Paul W. Faust

This month Paul brings us some holiday gift ideas for the photographer in your house. The items on this list are both inexpensive and enormously useful, and will sure please the photographer who receives them. All of these items can be purchased at B&H Photo Video.

LensPen DSLR Pro Kit

This cleaning kit is one of the best I have seen. It will help you keep your DSLR lenses, viewfinder and filters super clean. We all know just how easy it is to get dirt on everything in the field, and if you do not have the proper cleaning tools along with you it can mean hours of retouching work to do later on. It is easy too use and I no longer leave home without it.

Order from - - US - $34.95

LensPen Cleaner



Manfrotto 243 Car Window Pod

This is one piece of photo equipment that can benefit you in many ways and not just as a window mount, which most people know it being for shooting wildlife from your car. The throat opens up fit onto anything up to 7/16th of an inch thick, so besides your car window, it can also mount onto wood, metal, or other flat surfaces up to that thickness. I ordered just the mount itself since I already had a small bull head to use with it, but if you don?t there is also a model that comes with a ball head. I plan to use mine to do a lot of night time photography from the safety (and warmth) of my car. My set up has no problem handling my DSLR camera.

Order from - - US - $35.50

Window Mount
Window Mount



Sensei 62-77mm Filter Wrench Set

Another little item I never do without is my filter wrenchs. I learned the hard way many years ago not to put filters on a lens too loose. They work loose and fall off, but the down side of that is that if you put them on too tight you run the chance of them being too tight to get back off. The human hand was not made for turning thin filters off of a lens. These wrenches solve that problem because they can grab that edge enough to turn it off. This comes in a two piece set so I keep one at home and one in my car so that I will never be caught without one of them. They have saved me a whole lot of aggravation.

Order from - - US - $5.95

Lens Filter Wrench



Hoodman Eyecup Eyepiece

This is one item I will NEVER be without. In fact it never comes off of my cameras. After putting this little gem on my viewfinder I never again had to worry about the glare coming in from the side and making viewing anything a nightmare. My eye fits right up to the lens and sees everything as if I was standing in the shade of a big Oak tree. Even if it was not sold at such a low price it would still be worth every penny. You will not find a better bargain that will work for you on every shot. The eyepieces come in several version for the major camera models. Mine is for a round screw-on Nikon camera finder. Check the specs before you order.

Order from - - US - $19.00

Hoodman Eyecup Eyepiece

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